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Ugg. That's quite enough of that. So much whinging! Unsubscribing from even the rss feed ...


How many RSS feeds do you track?

The RSS Weblog: "For now, let us know the number of feeds you track in total"

Early results surprising, there are as many 80-90 feed readers as 390+ readers (I clearly fall into the later category).


Oakland Tribune Op-Ed

"We are fighting a war with no end to create a peace with no defined victory.

We occupy a foreign land that doesn't want us, while at home our civil liberties are discounted.

We are told that it's better not to know what our government is doing in our name, for security purposes. Meanwhile, our government is becoming omnipresent, spying on us whenever it deems it necessary.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."

Oakland Tribune Op-Ed




'Impeachment' Talk, Pro and Con, Appears in Media at Last
"Suddenly this week, scattered outposts in the media have started mentioning the “I” word, or at least the “IO” phrase: impeach or impeachable offense."

West Virginia’s senior Democratic senator, Robert Byrd: "The President claims a boundless authority through the resolution that authorized the war on those who perpetrated the September 11th attacks. But that resolution does not give the President unchecked power to spy on our own people. That resolution does not give the Administration the power to create covert prisons for secret prisoners. That resolution does not authorize the torture of prisoners to extract information from them. That resolution does not authorize running black-hole secret prisons in foreign countries to get around U.S. law. That resolution does not give the President the powers reserved only for kings and potentates."

Jane Smiley: A Ten-Step Program: "I began considering the possibility that what we see around us might indeed constitute success, as far as the Bushies are concerned, when I read in a post by Karen Kwiatkowski that three witnesses had confirmed that Bush referred to the Constitution as a “just a god damned piece of paper.”

Let’s take a look at the “mistakes” the Bush administration is said to have made, and, instead, ask ourselves if they are actually realized intentions"


Tribe's Black Tuesday : Fleshbot

"in a sad turn of events yesterday, Tribe has voluntarily applied 2257 record-keeping requirements across the board for all users and groups in its architecture, thus removing a lot of worthwhile content and making group leaders like me feel more like the headmistress at a very bad boys’ school … and not in the way I’d like."

Effort: A +
Community Spirit: F
Excecution: D
Critical Thinking: F

Someone needs to be kept after school and made to write “I will not use 2257 laws for my own site administration tactics” on the chalkboard at least 100 times. Or else I get out the real paddle."

Tribe's Black Tuesday : Fleshbot


MySpace Head Fall In

MySpace users angry over News Corp censorship of YouTube: "There was an outcry by some members after MySpace’s acquisition by News Corp. People were afraid they might start monitoring or censoring MySpace. At the time their CEO said that nothing like that would happen. Well, now it has."

Guess embedded YouTube videos were popular. Why not block the service and suggest replacements? Sheesh. Adrants sez: "MySpace came out of nowhere as the single most popular place to go for...well...anything. It can disappear just as quickly and be replaced by another."


Bloglines 3.0

Bloglines rocks. Since I started collapsing more feeds and using the Hotkeys I can plow right though my whole feed (clipping on the way). Firefox 1.5 seems to has hosed clipping and I did loose some related extensions, until I downgraded, upgraded, and didn't check for updates to extensions.

And I'm awaiting Bloglines 3.0 "Bloglines switched it's user-agent from 'Bloglines 2.1' to 'Bloglines 3.0-rho' on Tuesday afternoon. ... there could be some big changes coming in near future."

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Poked at the malingering myspace user. Little joy. The blog/subscribe mechanism seems good, if underused. Subscribed/friended a few bands and venues.

Google Homepage

Google Homepage Module Directory has hardly anything on it. Thankfully there's the Google Modules site (with rss feed!), which just kicked down the Bizarre Holiday Module.
And there's the Google Homepage API if you want to try your own hand at it ...


Impeach Bush Coalition

Kooky. I post about the Impeach Bush Coalition and then Technorati spits me out as a 'Coalition' member.

Unchecked presidential power

Schneier on Security: The Security Threat of Unchecked Presidential Power: "This is about the Fourth Amendment protections against illegal search. This is about circumventing a teeny tiny check by the judicial branch, placed there by the legislative branch, placed there 27 years ago -- on the last occasion that the executive branch abused its power so broadly.

This is indefinite dictatorial power. And I don't use that term lightly; the very definition of a dictatorship is a system that puts a ruler above the law.

Laws are what give us security against the actions of the majority and the powerful. If we discard our constitutional protections against tyranny in an attempt to protect us from terrorism, we're all less safe as a result."



Tribe's head fall in

Tribe's always been such a permissive environment. What gives?

SFist: Big Changes at Tribe.net:
"The very definition of a 'chilling effect' on free speech is when legislation or enforcement of new laws are so potentially onerous that people and organization self-censor out of fear and potential liability."
"The exodus is already being planned, according to moderator scuttlebutt, and it sounds to be big enough that even Tribe's dense management will feel the breeze; which is sure to make their parent company, Knight-Ridder, wince. If Knight-Ridder thought Tribe was a money drain before, after December 20th, when all those moderators with all those Tribe members hit the delete key and move on, it's going to feel like a broken dam."

Brian a Tribe employee, said:
"Perhaps it is best to say that we are a technology company with a cultural component, and not a culture company with a technological component. "

I read feeds from tribe, but, poke my head in seldom anymores ...


Impeachment Pie

What a fine Xmas present! Both the blogs and news were singing my song today. Check the Technorati Mentions by Day

Bush’s Snoopgate
"This will all play out eventually in congressional committees and in the United States Supreme Court. If the Democrats regain control of Congress, there may even be articles of impeachment introduced."

Governor Dean
"It's un-American, and it's unacceptable. Americans need a President who will keep them safe and enforce the law, we don't need a big brother. Americans know we don’t have to sacrifice our basic liberties in order to fight the terrorists. Together, America can do better."

"Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”"

and even a A United Coalition of Blogs for the Impeachment of George W. Bush"


Google Press Center: Zeitgeist

Google Zeitgeist 2005: Top Gainers of 2005

1. Myspace

5. orkut

I can believe orkut from all of the invite requests cluttering up any given inbox ...


web 2.woe

del.icio.us was offline for a couple of days. I felt quite retro grepping my backup ... now the Bloglines Pirate has made off with the servers. Woe! Gotta nip over and have me some Nearest Neighbor News.

comment spam

Yeash. Just tossed a slew of comment spam. Turned on comment moderation (which seems to have been added since I was mucking with this). Wheeee.


My Life in Tees - a photoset on Flickr

Jackson West's in Tees - a photoset on Flickr: "A selection of various free t-shirts I've managed to collect over the years -- a strangely accurate form of autobiography."

Funny, I'd do it, but, it would take months ...

Yahoo! Cacophony

Yahoo! Directory (archived): "If you ever pulled another child's hair and made them think someone else did it, you were engaging in anarchy. The Cacophony Society, a group of radical adults, are still tugging the proverbial hair of society."

Eeep! Their out of the closet. Just in time for Santarchy!


15MB of fame: More progress

15MB of fame: More progress: "We just released a pretty big update to the new site. We also basically opened the site up to everybody."

43 People looks great, is fun to poke at, and brought over plenty of goodness from 43things/places. Cheer this!


Explore Google Reader

Explore Google Reader: "Reader makes it easier to keep up with your ever-expanding reading list of content from across the web."

Haven't taken it for much of a spin, but, it includes a BlogThis! button.


YASN Invites

Many-to-Many: YASNS: ICQ Universe: "This takes the AOL Lobby/LambdaMOO closet pattern and adds it to the YASNS world -- an entry space where you're in the system, but not yet part of the social world. The dynamics of the 'Why I Should Be Invited' box could be amazing, since it will be people lobbying for inclusion by people who aren't, by definition, their friends."


Laughing Squid Stickers

Stickers! "Some of you have asked us where you can find our Laughing Squid vinyl stickers that you see around on laptops, cars, notebooks and other things. I usually have some with me when I’m out and about, leaving them at events, cafes, etc., but if you send a self-addressed stamped envalope (SASE) to our PO Box, we will just mail some out to you, for free of course."

Wow, I got quite the care package from the Primary Tentacle! A selection of stickers (I'm used to seeing the green, but, the purple is mighty tempting) and some postcards. Now I have to stalk some prime real estate ...

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Google ig

Google personalized homepage now has bookmarks, news search, and arbitrary rss feeds. Plus it's fun to drag the boxes around ...

Last of WWII Comanche Code Talkers Dies

Charles Chibitty, the last survivor of the Comanche code talkers who used their native language to transmit messages for the Allies in Europe during World War II, has died. He was 83.

They recently had a Living Museum for the 60th Anniversary Commemorations of the end of the Second World War, in England, but, said that that would probably be the last since there were so few survivors. The The Last Days of WWII on the History Channel has been all about "60 years ago today." Which is kind of odd as that means that they can't play it again next year without editing.

I note that a G.I. Joe Navajo Code Talker was made some years ago.


Dead Tree Edition

It's been a week of dead tree media with some BBC news thrown in for good measure. It was interesting trying to get news out of the likes of the Daily Mail or the Guardian Weekly ... I'll be glad to settle back into the high-signal world of The Financial Times and the Economist. The cover pictures alone have been quite surreal.


orkut is certainly a poster child. Plenty of interesting people have accounts, yet, there are few posts. Heck, the social software community has 2425 members and almost no traffic. I get more requests for invites to orkut than all other 'limited beta's combined. They're selling some mighty fine sizzle over there ...



'And once you start thinking of web sites as applications, you soon come to realize that they represent an entirely new breed, something you might call an "information application," or perhaps even "infoware." - Tim O'Reilly

"Next-generation infoware ... because both of them let you quit

Syndicated news (and blogs) succeed because they only trade in meta-data and thus are fully shareable; it matters not one iota to anyone if you read that BBC story off a weblog sidebar, inline on a portal page or on the actual BBC.

picking up my signal across a network of enthusiastic relays each aggregating, reformating and rebundling in their bid for your membership attention." - TeledyN

"But I'd love to see competition based on the value that's wrapped around the portable data we choose to mesh with infoware services, rather than on data lock-in." - Jon Udell: Next-generation infoware



Tribe 'open container' profiles allow one add and arrange modules in a two column format (plus one for ads). The modules can contain pictures, lists, rss feeds, a blog of sorts, and tribe content like friends, tribes, events, etc. I'm quite fond of the stalk module that shows your recent posts to public tribes.

The modules allow one to pull in rss feeds, so you could create a public
Digital Lifestyle Aggregator of sorts ... Livejournal posts of what they had for lunch seems to be popular. I have seen a few people put the rss output from a tribe into their public profile, mixing metaphors nicely. Ironically, tribe itself is not producing rss feeds for the in-profile blogs making the place smell of walled garden. In spite of former Tribe CEO Mark Pincus arguing for interoperability and open standards to allow users to interact with members of different networks without having to join those networks. Add the injury of no discussion post edits (every word is sacred) and no html markup we've got a near miss. Heck, even Friendster has Typepad blogs bolted on.

I've shifted most of my community reading to rss since discussion threads load like slow snot and now that people can put all sorts of interesting content on their profile page those often load even slower.

For some occasional under the hood data, check the Briatribe.

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Meta Social Networking Coming Soon

Something that looks like this is going to do something somewheres, Real Soon Now. Pull one of the others, it's got bells on.


tinytoolsmith YASN

Wanted: a social network to aggregate the toolsmiths: "I want something for folks building TinyTools: extensions, hacks, automator actions, dashboard widgets, cron scripts, Wordpress plug-ins, and the like. Since I’m nodding to Lazyweb anyhow, I may as well ping… anyone interested in building a tinytoolsmith YASN"

Humm, sort of a call to arms/request for widgets? More than a blog or del.icio.us pool, but, not quite the walled garden of a SN? We're already lousy with blogs, wikis, (anti-)social networks, source control repositories, search engines, and clipping and tagging services. No need to build a place for the widgets, just center of linking, tagging, and annotation. Color me interested.

However, we do need a SN just for invites to betas of SNs ...

Weekly Word War

The SFWeekly.com has huge SFWarfield/Fillmore ads this week. The
San Francisco Bay Guardian has full page whinge about it. (and this in a ish with the huge pull out Rasputin Manifesto section)

"'Under the terms of the deal, New Times will pay Clear Channel a sum in the high six figures for naming rights to the Warfield Theatre, which for the next three years will become the SF Weekly Warfield', BGP representatives said. In exchange, Clear Channel will spend so much money on advertising in the Weekly and Express that there will be little or no money left for competing print media." - San Francisco Bay Guardian News

Thankfully, Dog Bites throws the Guardian a bone.


Rojo - Your news, your way

Ah! I've hit upon an ideal use for Rojo. LazyWeb! Subscribe to lazyweb itself and a stack of searches then use Rojo's sharing and taging ...

profile if you want to play along.



Stacey's Literary License members save 20% on everything in the store, Thursday, July 14th through Saturday, July 16th. Including the paperback edition of A Hat Full of Sky by PTerry.

The Onion weekly in SF has good event listings and a newsletter. Dunno why you can't get to any of it online .... A new occasional paper, The East Bay Daily News which doesn't seem to have any news in it.

Rand McNally closed the Market street store. Looks like they only have a couple open nationwide, anymore. The Disney Store is also going the way of FAO Schwarz.

Typepad: New sidebar feed

Whoa, check out the preview of a sidebar feed at The Long Tail "So if you'd like me to serve as your filter and aggregator of Long Tail comment around the web, just copy the 'syndicate this sidebar' link into your favorite feedreader."

There are also reBlogs, that facilitates the process of filtering and republishing relevant content from many RSS feeds, such as Eyebeam reBlog, unmediated reblog.

My tool of choice is Bloglines Clipping Blogs, even though
they point back to bloglines and don't expose the source url ... hence, not playing well with others.

Rojo has both shared and recomended links. But they're only good for other people using rojo. No rss feeds outbound that I've located.


London Online

Nice to see Wikipedia, Flickr, and Technorati, do good work and get props for it. (Technorati got Slammed. Flickr moved to Yahoo in a timely manner. Oh, and Yahoo provided hosting capacity to Wikimedia, too.)

Yahoo! launched a news blog. A first for Yahoo! News. Oddly enough, the blog had no feed listed, but the general feed page had one.

Transport for London feeds have been quite good. (and really show up BART)

People turned to the Londonist for news (which is more known for snark and event notices), so, they started to provide it.

One of my most treasured news sources remains Cagle.


Joi Ito's Web: HonorTags

Joi Ito's Web: HonorTags: "They are soliciting feedback. Maybe I should suggest HonorTagJoker."

is certainly catcher than ...

orkut - communities

Invited some people to orkut and was surprised by how quickly it was running. Poked around a bit more and it turns out that all of the communites have no topics or events. That's one way to have a snappy anti-social network ...

Orkut is certainly the most anti-social of anti-social networks. Profiles are not visible without logging in, there are no rss feeds in or out, and they seldom even bother to post any news (much less server status reports).



Feednation YANaggregator. Interesting in that you can subscribe to other peoples groups of feeds and copy them around (not sure what happens if the owner alters the group). Clumsy in that adding a feed can only go into 'new feeds', actually the entire UI is nonintuitive. Feeds can be turned off, which more sites should certainly adopt, and also copied to email. Mark All Read is nice, I'd really like a Mark Folder Read. Searching for feeds doesn't work well.


Technorati Tags: ,


Google OS in the Works?

Google OS in the Works points to Google's Master Plan. Why is it always Orbital Mind Control Lasers? They need new Illuminati (or better Hats anyways).


Bloglines 325/761 and discarding rapidly.

Introducing HonorTags

Introducing HonorTags!

Wow! Massively incoherent. Citizen Journalists everywhere weep. Honor Tags is an idea introduced by Grass Roots Media (Dan Gillmor, Michael Goff and Jay Campbell) to put some really ugly self-tags on things that should be obvious by reputation at best or used to fib at worse.

I'd have to go "I hate your tags. I'd rather not say anything and my work doesn't fit your categories." on everything.

Nearest Neighbor News Network

Shifted a stack of reading on human rights and media over to Nearest Neighbor News Network a collaborative filtering RSS aggregator. The Recommended Articles haven't been that interestng yet, Recommended Feeds have been medium, Similar Users has led me to several excellent feeds. Reading everything in time order without marking anything read is appealing for some types of feed.

Technorati Tags: ,



Bloglines 366/840. Shifting stuff over to nnnn and perhaps Rojo today.


US casts doubt on new leader's legitimacy

US casts doubt on Iran's newly elected president: "Speaking on Fox News, Mr Rumsfeld admitted he did not know much about 'this young fellow'.

'But he is no friend of democracy. He's no friend of freedom. He is a person who is very much supportive of the current ayatollahs, who are telling the people of that country how to live their lives."

Oh no, in a civilized country the freedom fighters would never ally with the religious right and tell people how to live their lives. Throwing black kettles in glass houses after the horses have bolted, and all like that. Democracy good! (may not be valid in all countries).


reBlog by Eyebeam: "A reBlog facilitates the process of filtering and republishing relevant content from many RSS feeds. reBloggers subscribe to their favorite feeds, preview the content, and select their favorite posts. These posts are automatically published through their favorite blogging software. "

There is a short stack of live reblogs to read from. Clippings.reblog says "I was using an RSS reader called NetNewsWire which has a weblog interface and allowed me to post items of interest directly to this site. However I have recently started using reBlog by eyebeam which provides a web interface for RSS aggregation filtering and publishing via moveabletype. Reblog is a more efficient method that allows for better attribution of sources."

I'm quite fond of Bloglines Clip Blogs that lets you easily create a blog while reading feeds or in the wild with the Firefox Toolkit.


Bloglines 348/826. Moved a few feeds elsewhere. Maybe Org/O43 too ...



Bloglines 375/825. Moved a stack of news over to Nearest Neighbor News Network but didn't unsub from them, yet.


head hat

head hat followed, of course, by a body T-shirt


Bloglines 356/829. Looking at other web-based rss aggregators, but, finding little of use.



Bloglines: 305/829. So noisy! Whatever do you think they are going on about?



Winnie the Pooh took a hit over the weekend ...

John Fiedler (Piglet)
2/3/1925-6/25/2005 (80)

Paul Winchell (Tigger)
12/21/1922-6/24/2005 (82)

I was going to write this up more, but, Dossy got there first ...

Latte Art

Today I received a three-leaf clover latteart, which was kind of surprising. Usually I get spiders that are probably accidental. I'm quite fond of these ones ...


Bloglines: 267/828. Not too noisy ...



Bloglines: 266/816. I'll probably loose some org/o43. I should move a whole vertical (way?) to another service ...
Take the MIT Weblog Survey

Help Cameron finish his Ph.D. by filling out a survey “about how people use
their weblogs and their general communication behavior”.




Sony's e-Book reader, the LibriƩ, has a black and white ink-on-paper look, combined with a resolution of approximately 170 pixels per inch (PPI), gives an appearance similar to newspaper. Because the display uses power only when an image is changed, a user can read more than 10,000 pages before the four AAA Alkaline batteries need to be replaced. Some pix ...

Apparently "the combination of organic electronic backplanes and electrophoretic frontplanes could produce truly rollable, albeit monochrome, displays in the not-too-distant future." "this year you'll see real product prototypes. Then you'll see real products in volume within two years."


LiveJournal tags

FAQ Question #229: "You can specify whether or not you want to allow your friends to tag your entries for you. By default, you are the only one who can edit your tags. If you want to let your friends tag your entries for you, you can change these settings"

Of couse, that ment biting the S2 bullet which has lead me in many circles this morning ...


Bloglines: 288/811. Bleh.


RedTacton is a new Human Area Networking technology that uses the surface of the human body as a safe, high speed network transmission path. It induces fluctuations in the body's electric field. They claim a data rate of 10 megabits per second. As opposed to the Blueskin rates of 3.7 kilobits per second being squeezed out by Matsushita.

I had no idea that personal-area networks would be colored ...

Les Claypool

Les Claypool put on a fine show at the friendly neighborhood Independent. It was very sold out and the place was packed (so packed that it really heated up the old tin can). I was hoping for Buckethead, but, wasn't surprised to see Gabby La La, a percussionist, and a drummer. There was a sitar, a ukulele, lead xylophone, oh, my! There might still be tix for Gabby La La with Les Claypool on Sunday. The show was so good that I am mighty tempted.



43 Places

43 Places is the next new thing from the Robot Co-op, the folks that brought you 43 Things.


Friendster unclenched a little by letting the outside world see profiles. The TypePad blogs still seem bolted on (and I'm not sure why the controls are behind https). The blogs have both rss and notices mailed for friend blog updates.

Latte Art

latteart always looks like leaves and hearts. Why do mine always come out looking like spiders?


Bloglines: 293/805. Time to drop another vertical?



Bloglines: 248/802. Read right down to 200, though. Starting to think that I might schedule days to read certain folders ...


Introducing the AO/Technorati Open Media 100 :: AO

Introducing the AO/Technorati Open Media 100 :: AO: "AlwaysOn and Technorati are pleased to present the first annual 'Open Media 100,' the power list of bloggers, social networkers, tool smiths, and investors leading the Open Media Revolution."

Tim O'Reilly: O'Reilly Media.

A pleasant surprise. I wonder if it was more for conferences than the stack of books at every geek's desk?

Mark Fletcher: Bloglines (acquired by AskJeeves).

Excellent! One of my favorite drugs, even if one of my goals is to stop reading bloglines every 5 minutes

Jonathan Abrams: Friendster. Tom Anderson, Chris DeWolfe: MySpace. Paul Martino, Mark Pincus: Tribe.net.

YASN! Tribe ate my head for quite some cycles, now it's been relegated to rss mostly.

Joshua Schachter: Del.icio.us. Stewart Butterfield, Caterina Fake: Flickr (acquired by Yahoo!).

The usual suspects

N. Z. Bear: The Truth Laid Bear

Oh! There's a surprise. The new release is quite nice. Guess I'll have to poke around there a bit ...


Bloglines: 212/801.

837 by tomorrow, I'd guess.

Barb Dybwad: "which can then cuddle up all nice and cozy with all 837 of the other feeds you already subscribe to in your RSS reader."


Bloglines: 0/801.

0 Updated Feeds!


Technorati Weblog: Welcome to the New Technorati!

Technorati Weblog: Welcome to the New Technorati!

Beta busts out. RSS feeds for tags (feed at the bottom of the search results). A better dashboard.

Now I've got to track down all those beta.technorati.com feeds ...


Multiply added pay options for media uploads, themes, CSS, custom right margin.

"[Messages page] works more like a message board than like e-mail. The main difference between Multiply and other message boards is that Multiply includes all the discussions going in throughout your network, as opposed to being focused on one specific topic. At any time, you can "adjust" the messages page to show you less, or more, of what's going on in your network."

Looks like you could read all of your groups and friends via this. Subscribe to a thread via email is a really nice option. Now, if they only had rss for these!


Technorati Party: Wednesday June 22, 2005 in San Francisco

Sifry's Alerts: Technorati Party: Wednesday June 22, 2005 in San Francisco: "We'd like to invite you and your friends to House of Shields in downtown San Francisco next Wednesday, June 22, at 6:30 p.m. And there might also be a few surprises."

RSVP's requested.

Upcoming.org event

Supernova 2005

I must say that we have better shirts downtown due to Supernova. I feel like I'm at a concert cruzing the shirts. Geek quotient waaay up.


Bloglines: 406/790. Bah!

And this morning's reading even made fun of feed numbers ...

Barb Dybwad: "which can then cuddle up all nice and cozy with all 837 of the other feeds you already subscribe to in your RSS reader."



Bloglines: 361/788. Bah! Doesn't look like I get to press shiny candy-apple-red reset button today either. Monday. Honest.


XFN - XHTML Friends Network is a simple way to represent human relationships using hyperlinks.

Busted out the blogrolls, cooked a few XFN links, pinged rubhub.com, and docked the XFN Dumper.

A partial solution to keeping track of my friends many personas. I'm resisting cutting a private page per person ...

Now, about that Identity consolidation ... "A user with an XFN Friendly blog, blogroll, or web site, can use that site as a nexus for linking together all these otherwise disparate and isolated social networking sites"




The Technorati Party floated by, so I spent some time poking around. Friends! You can add anyone (nonreciprocal) and then see their events on your 'home page'. And a rss feed for My Friends' Events, natch.

A couple of pathfinders:
SFist, marccanter, merlinmann.


Bloglines: 380/777. Gonna reset. Any day now. Really. Real soon now.



Bloglines 343/779. Didn't make it to that big reset button. Maybe I should move Human Rights to rojo or the ilk?



They've certainly got the rss slices down. My Friend's Events is nice. Not many events, though. I was wondering why the tag rss feeds were so quiet ...

We've added support for related tags, and our wonderful users created a MovableType plugin and API clients for Python, Java, and Ruby.
Upcoming.org: News


Tag Tuesday

Tag Tuesday: "With many thousands of users adopting tags, we thought it would be a good idea to gather tag developers every month to exchange ideas, and encourage code that works well together."

Left work late. Caught every red light on the way, which meant that I klunked into limbo on the way. It was a gaggle of Geeks with beer (well, Gordon Biersch, anyways) bellowing above musack. The highlight for me was stickers. I even saw someone peeling the top of their laptop to center a new acquisition. Now I'm on a quest for a Laughing Squid sticker (how have I overlooked them all this time?)

Kevin Marks from Technorati couldn't be heard above the drunks (no, the other drunks). So, the cats were herded outside and we ended up on some steps facing the water. Short informal talks followed. I think that more pictures were taken than words spoken.

Technorati: tags visible, protocol independent.

Flickr: interestingness, tag decay, timeliness vs quality.

I did get a nice list of tags, though! beer and group, whatsinyourbag and group, pothole , chimping, pinhole, transparentscreen, sometaithurts, sleep and sleeping.

Some Uniform chased us off yelling 'Earthquake, Earthquake, GollyZilla' and we scattered. Guess it was really Tsunami Tuesday. Some nice folks herded a few of us to their loft where people were pleasingly antisocial behind their tech. I certainly heard more Gnomedex than Supernova.

Technorati Tags: , , ,

tribe.net person urls


Personalize your tribe.net profile

Choose your personal URL


Finally! Let the landgrab begin!



Bloglines: 389/774. sigh. Big reset button later today.


Tag Tuesday

Not just for Tuesdays, anymore!

Microcontent Monday

Tag Tuesday

Wiki Wednesday

Thirsty Thursday

Folksonomy Friday

Ah, now I find Mobile Monday

Technorati Tags:


Ocala Photographers: "* 'chimping' can be loosely defined as 'the act of reviewing digital images on the LCD screen' or 'referring to the animal-like sound digital photographers' make when spotting a great shot on the back of their cameras' or 'looking at the digital images you just took, when you should still be concentrating on taking them' !"

Oh! Learned new word and have new feed


Bloglines: 353/764. That'll teach me to go out and socialize. I bequeathed food blogs to Chuck but it wasn't quite enough ...



Bloglines: 225/772. Guess it's just going to be a couple hundred live feeds every day unless I give up an entire vertical ...


Google Blog: I, Googlebot

Google Blog: I, Googlebot

Picture of the Googlebot at a new Google data center in an undisclosed location.

Supernova 2005

Supernova 2005: "Intelligence is moving to the edges, through networked computers, empowered users, fluid digital content, distributed work teams, and powerful communications devices."

Wharton West Workshop Day, June 20. The two tracks on Connected Platforms and
Decentralized Commerce look excellent.

2-day Main Conference, June 21-2


Bloglines: 246/772. And nicely quiet.



Bloglines: 119/774. Read down to 70-some-odd and then pushed the big reset button. Read down to 30 in a half-hour. And unsubed from a couple of noisy ones ...



Bloglines: 214/772. Looks like just some publishing to slog through and then I can hit the shiny candy-apple-red Mark All Read button!


Evil Alien

(Yet) Another Hole in the Head: "Evil Aliens is a one of the greatest SplatStick horror-comedies ever made

West’s movie ranks right up there with Dead/Alive, Evil Dead 2, Re-Animator, Return of the Living Dead, Bad Taste and Shaun of the Dead. We’re not kidding, this movie kicks ass – you will not be disappointed. Get your tickets early and look to the skies."

June 10, 10:30 / Roxie



Bloglines: 316/774. Pretty quiet, though.




Funny, I've been getting Orkut invite requests from all over creation. This blog, Tribe, 43things, ... And, as always, it was only just functional and took a couple of days to get the invites out. I don't see why they even leave it up in such a crippled state. Social Euthanasia Network!

And I got friended by a Brazillian Kutcher fan ...



Bloglines: 366/771. Gotta drop some! No, really.



Bloglines: 363/772. After not even logging in last night. Odd, that. I would expect quite a few more updates over a weekend.



Bloglines: 313/775. Seems quiet, though.


Man with the Screaming Brain

Man with the Screaming Brain: "written, produced, directed by and stars Bruce Campbel" also Evil Dead: Live is an over-the-top, theatrical presentation


Bloglines: 314/776. Gotta spend a few hours to dig out. I'd like to drop a 20+ active feeds ...


speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil,love no evil on 43 Things

speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil,love no evil on 43 Things


Bloglines: 239/777. Not much noise. Still should drop a few ...

apophenia: ah, the magical touch

apophenia: ah, the magical touch: "Perhaps, if you feel so inclined, invite the Daemons to visit your server so that you too may rest without email."

From: Mailer Daemon Angel

procmail: Refused to save

550 5.1.1 .... User exhausted

Best autoresponse ever.



Bloglines: 313/781. Doesn't seem very noisy, though.



# Your photo needs to be least 192 pixels wide and 240 pixels tall.
# Your photo cannot be than 1024 pixels wide or 768 pixels tall.
# Your photo needs to be a jpg or a gif file.

What is it with stupid headshot rules? Reezle rejected my fist and hand-over-face. Yahoo spazed about them when they first released too.

OpenID: an actually distributed identity system

OpenID: an actually distributed identity system: "This is a distributed identity system, but one that's actually distributed and doesn't entirely crumble if one company turns evil or goes out of business."

OpenID is maturing quickly and there are already a couple of little applications which can accept OpenID logins. LiveJournal is already providing an identity server so that LiveJournal users can log in to other OpenID sites. The next step is to make LiveJournal be what we've been calling a consumer of OpenID, meaning that external users can log in here.
lj_dev: OpenID on LiveJournal

Perl modules, Net-OpenID-Server-0.03, Net-OpenID-Consumer-0.08


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Reezle, YASN! Holler for invite.

Just went beta, hence not much there. Good signs are markup, edit, blog, and sensible urls. Bad sign, no rss (in or out).

ashton @ reezle

YASN community @ reezle


Bloglines: 177/786. Looks pretty clear, guess I need to drop a few high-volume feeds if I want to be less twitchy.


Bloglines: 93/787. My feed never looked so good. Now I've got to unsub from a few ...

Bloglines | divedi's Blogs

divedi's has 5000 feeds in his Bloglines account! Sheesh, I suffer with 700.

His blog is an excellent source of rss feeds and directories.

Flickr: !Habit Forming

!Habit Forming added me as a Flickr contact, so I took a look. Youch, overachiever. In trawling though his profile I found a few interesting things ... Urban Decay, CellPhonies, numbers, Beer, There are Flickr: Forums including FlickrIdeas.

And Tuco is a fine persona!



Bloglines: 243/788. Seems pretty light ...


Bloglines: 169/788. Now I have to pare a few feeds ...


Tagsurf: "Tagsurf is a new type of online message board which uses tags to help organize subjects instead of threads or channels."

Watchlists for tags, Tag aggragators, Notifiers to email or IM accounts, bookmarklet, and an API. That's quite an Alpha!

ashton @ Tagsurf



I saw one walking by the wall of shame at Safeway and thought "Oh, yea, I've
been meaning to try this. It probably tastes like dirty bud, which, frankly, would be an improvement." I got it home, opened it while putting away the groceries
and wandered over to my desk and set it down to login and etc. It was only later
when I saw the enticing beer shaped bottle that I took a drink and thought

"Holy Technicolor Spew, Batman! What did I just put in my mouth?"

A Rat-Fink soda? Cough Syrup? Zima? Yuck!

Budweister sez that it's a 'great mixture of beer and new flavors'. I think that Cruft nailed it as 'something akin to beer with a Flintstone's vitamin ground up in it.' It's practically one of those dreaded wine coolers. Heck, it probably mixes well with Kool-Aid

Bloglines | shieon's Blogs

Bloglines | shieon's Blogs

Buh? I was looking at some fallow feeds when I noticed someone else subscribed to a goofy word search. My feeds have been slurped by shieon! Looks like they tossed 5+ peoples ompl files together ...

Well, I just reaped though their blogroll, which was mighty disorienting, and ended up at 376/785 feeds. A couple of good bay area blogs (some SFists, even) and a stack of publishing/pop culture blogs.

Now, whatever was it that I sat down to do?


Bloglines: 364/772. Ooops, looks like I've been doing some mad subscribing. It doesn't look bad, though.


Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) :: Buddy Poppy

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) :: Buddy Poppy

The vets have been out the last couple of days. I'm glad to see that their little collection cans have been filled to bursting. Now I have quite the collection of Buddy Poppies from the years that I've worked downtown ...


Bloglines: 304/762. Looks pretty clear, though.




Searches can be RSSed! I knew it, but, just started using it to much glee.

Very Small Objects

Very Small Objects

My NeliFrag-TablConjoin-BlakRetiHardBiggerlik explodes with delight! Do poke at the Classification Charts.

slap my homie scott a few times, then get dude laid cause he needs it on 43 Things

slap my homie scott a few times, then get dude laid cause he needs it on 43 Things


Bloglines: 357/761. Cleared the thick Ire/Irk folders last night. The feed certainly feels more clear today ...



Bloglines: 435/753. Sheesh. Soon, I'm going to be so behind that I can't even hit 'mark all read'.


Home - tribe.net

Home - tribe.net: read through everything in a half-hour. Unsubscribed from two tribes, even.


Bloglines: 395/748. Going to have to hit the dreaded 'mark all read' soon.



Walked into the bookstore to get Firefox Hacks and walked out with The Power of Babel and The Big Book of Talking Dirty instead.

It's a peg! [1930s+] (Aus.)


Bloglines: 377/749. sigh.


Pandemia: Google personalized homepage nei labs da oggi

Pandemia: Google personalized homepage nei labs da oggi: "Directly from Google Factory Tour live now here, I take some slides about a new beta service: Google’s personalized homepage."

Via Google Does Portals | Bayosphere

Wow! Clean interface. Drag and drop modules. Gmail preview. Yum.

113 people del.icio.us'ed it before I did. Busy bees.

tribe.net spam

tribe.net is using Habeas "The war on spam is over – we lost." mail headers. Weird.

eastbayexpress.com | Alternative News Weekly

eastbayexpress.com had no less that three fleas in it. I saw a nest of inserts in the box when I got the paper and combed one out of the paper to leave a mark of disgust. Then another fell out when I opened it. And then yet a third one was found creeping within. Someone over there needs their account washed out with nasty chemicals.


Blogliness 365/742. Eeep! Taking a night off causes doom.



Bloglines: 270/743, pretty full. Looks like I need to loose a couple of folders.


Scientists Stamps

The Postal Store: "Four American Scientists-Thermodynamicist Josiah Willard Gibbs, geneticist Barbara McClintock, mathematician John von Neumann and physicist Richard P. Feynman-were honored with postage stamps"

Whoa, a John von Neumann stamp. Now, whatever can I stick it to? Heck, I should just use them like stickers and put them on my tech.

Bloglines | Weather

Bloglines | News: "You can add a weather forecast by city or by zipcode to get a daily forecast update for the entire week."

More personalization, adding to package tracking.

Also in tlhIngan Hol!

Firefox - cookieculler

mozdev.org - cookieculler easily protect those cookies you want to keep and quickly delete those that you don't want. Optionally deletes unprotected cookies on browser startup.

Amazing how much cruft one gains poking around. This is one of my 'must' extensions.


Bloglines 242/737 this morning, but, it doesn't feel like a backlog. I poked at it some, but, didn't read though entire folders as usual.



tribe.net only 10 tribes with new messages. Linky open selected links in tabs makes tribe much less painful.


Bloglines 96/729 this morning! Of course the feed was so rich that I quickly went up to 732 with some keen brand marketing blogs.


Bloglines Plumber

Bloglines Plumber: "the Flux Capacitor is taking longer than anticipated to fix"

Ah, updates. What good citizens they are.

Bloglines Plumber

Bloglines Plumber: "I'm the Bloglines Plumber. "

Heh, the plumber fits nicely into the feeds frame.


Poked at Friendster a bit. The blogs are full featured but quite bolted on (but have an rss feed). The groups are decent but seem quite underused (and do not have rss feeds). Bonus that you can put an rss feed onto your profile page. I just swapped mine over from bloglines (a bunch of noise) to this one ...


Bloglines better! It was 121/723 this morning and I read though most of it in under an hour. I even moved a whole stack of neighborhood tribes over and it still seems calm.


Ah! Wittled down to under 100 and then committed the dreaded 'mark all read'. We'll see what the morning brings ...



Sigh, 355/688. A couple of nights off and I'm buried. Going to have to check the list twice and then push the shiny candy-apple-red button that marks all read. *shudder*

What year is it again?

Upcoming shows include: Foreigner, Tears For Fears, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Styx, The Eagles, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Doobie Brothers, Blue Oyster Cult, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Oasis ...

and these aren't all at Konocti Harbor, either!

I'm sure that you can uncover more horror at The List

Dracula Blogged

Dracula Blogged: Draculablog launches: "This blog will publish Bram Stoker's Dracula for the next six months. Individual pieces of the novel will appear on the calendar dates indicated in the text, starting with Jonathan Harker's May 3rd Bistriz journal entry, and finishing up with November 6 and the final Note."

Fun use of a blog.

I greatly enjoy Dark Vader and
The Incredible Hulk.



281/677 not much work. Mostly chasing various social networks around in a circle and starting to collate them. Seems like most Social Software sites are quite insular and Do Not Play Well with Others. Ditto for the denizens.


MindSay: Tags

MindSay: Tags

Everyone's got the weighted tags. This one is for recent tags to posts.
It even pops up suggested tags based on your text.


Whittling away at the Bloglines account. 255 Updated Feeds of 676. Sheesh. I'd really like to get my 'updated every 10 minute' feeds down to about 100, 'must read' down to a couple of hundred, and be gleeful about punching 'mark all read'.


Yahoo! 360

Yahoo! 360: "Soon you'll be able to share RSS content from the Web (like photos, feeds, or blog posts) on your Yahoo! 3600 page."

Rotten navigation, but, if you can remove/rearrange the modules and pull rss, then it will be a contenda.

eBay Feedback Generator

eBay Feedback Generator:"Generate nonsense that resembles eBay feedback."

Heee! I use! Too funny.

The Generator is champion! Superior Quality! The output is exceptionally pleasing.


Password generator bookmarklet

Password generator bookmarklet: "So, I wrote a bookmarklet to make up passwords for me. It gets the hostname from the page's URL and mixes it together with your personal master password using a little cryptographic magic we call MD5."

Oh! Simple and brilliant.


Google - My Search History

Google - My Search History: "Remember what you saw on Google, no matter where you are."


Building web services that play nicely with other web services

The Robot Co-op: Building web services that play nicely with other web services

Upcoming has been very actively improving its web services API
over the last week or two, and a few of their most recent changes have
allowed us to integrate upcoming.org into 43things.com


Another RSS Convert

Another RSS Convert" “RSS Bigot” badge!"

Off with their email! Unsubscribed from two email only sources ...

" is not just a mailing list but an effort to formulate an international, networked discourse"

ISN: InfoSec News
"InfoSec News is a privately run, medium traffic list that caters to the distribution of information security news articles."

Disclaimer: We will unsubscribe any e-mails that send vacation messages, "full mailbox" errors, or qualities of a vanity forward. Please don't come crying to us if you can't subscribe to or unsubscribe from the list on your own.


Social Software

Emerging Technology Conference: Social Software: "The Personal Friends Aggregator, This services interrogates your own FOAF social network description data for each friend, automatically discovers their syndication feeds and formats new entries into an aggregated list of links."

Humm, supposedly there are slides somewheres.


brevity.org -- Lickr: Flickr, without the Flash

brevity.org -- Lickr: Flickr, without the Flash: "Lickr combines Flickr, Greasemonkey, and Ajax, and is worth triple points in buzzword bingo."


43 Things

43 Things: "witnessing the death of my All Consuming app"



Yahoo! Toolbar

Yahoo! Toolbar: "Discover and add fresh content to My Yahoo!"

Also Yahoo rss autodiscover: "To have RSS/Atom feeds on your web site detected by Yahoo! Toolbar"


Upcoming.org: News: Searching, Invite by E-mail, and More

Upcoming.org: News: Searching, Invite by E-mail, and More: "Venues and tags have RSS feeds now, so you syndication junkies can keep track of even more stuff."

Nicely done!


360 Invites: Main Index

360 Invites: Main Index: "Welcome to 360 Invites, a place where you can share Yahoo 360, Gmail, and Orkut invites."



EVDB - The Event & Venue Database

Multiple calendars, rss feeds for each, nice search, multiple events added to a calendar at once. Nice!

Mark Pincus

EVDB - About EVDB: "Mark Pincus"

Oh! Yet another tentacle of the Tribe CEO

Yahoo! 360

Yahoo! 360. Did anyone get invites? I put a Yahoo eddress into the beta request form but didn't receive one. I plowed through the rss feed until I found one that had survived a feeding frenzy. Thanks Tony/Buzzhit. Feel free to message me if you want one. Spent the rest of the day mucking with it

Messy menus and lots and lots of options well hidden. I'm still looking for that 'favorite quote' box that I saw once. I sent out a stack of invites and will be able to try more bells and whistles once I have a few more friends to social.

I did find list of Yahoo! Employees, though., which is probably where most of the invites flowed from.

I really wish that I had one of Tribe's new user profiles to try the two out side-by-side ...

Yahoo Employee

Yahoo! 360�

There's a find!


Indeed.com | one search. all jobs.

Indeed.com | one search. all jobs.: "from over 500 job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages."

Nice interface and you can get results via rss or email.

COMMON Network

COMMON Network: "Members register at the site and build their COMMON Ground™ by providing non-searchable data about their familiar people, places and things. When a Seeker and Advocate interact, the COMMON Ground™ they share is discretely revealed to both parties, establishing a foundation for trust."

"We are the only online networking application to incorporate a reputation system. Our multi-directional approach creates a dynamic, self-regulating environment, with Advocates rating Seekers, Seekers rating Advocates and Contacts rating Advocates. Members police their own environment, reducing the tendency for unwelcome activity."



Poked at a couple of friend invites, looked for interesting groups, noted a total lack of rss feeds. Very nice customization of blog available.


XFN - XHTML Friends Network

XFN - XHTML Friends Network: "XFN™ (XHTML Friends Network) is a simple way to represent human relationships using hyperlinks."


Yahoo 360

Yahoo! 360� - What is Yahoo! 360�?

Nice overview of the soon-to-be-beta (a real live beta, not a beta forever).

Beta sign up


Tribe User Profile Preview - Tribe Browser Policy Explained

Tribe User Profile Previewt: "When we were designing the architecture for our new open profile we took a look at our server logs and made some choices about which browsers we would explicitly support. Currently our stats show: "

Funny, they're supporting Firefox, but, pages load soooo slow (multiple platforms, most recent stable browser) that it's hardly worth reading the noise. Even tabbed browsing won't help when the whole browser locks up while trying to render. And, yes, I've tweeked the multi-thread options.

Charlene Li's Blog: First look at Yahoo! 360

Charlene Li's Blog: First look at Yahoo! 360: "your home page on the service shows the most recent content published by people within your network.

the ability to look narrow local business reviews by their network"

There goes Tuesday March 29th!

Yahoo adds Creative Commons search for locating reusable content - Wikinews

Yahoo adds Creative Commons search for locating reusable content - Wikinews: "Yahoo launched a beta version of a search tool designed to locate content on the web licensed under a Creative Commons license."


Newsmashing - The new technique that will change blogging forever.

Newsmashing - The new technique that will change blogging forever.: "Every killer app needs a killer name. Creating a new product by writing all over somebody else's article is kind of like making a mash-up. Let's call it newsmashing—that's just nerdy enough to catch on."

I'm finding trackbacks but no one running with the idea. It seems like a fine Firefox extension ...


Upcoming.org: News: Jon Udell Inspires New Development

Upcoming.org: News: Jon Udell Inspires New Development: "
Jon Udell posted some insightful comments
about Upcoming.org today. I absolutely agree with everything he's said.
After my son was born, I set major development aside, but no more!
Within the next seven days, I'm committing myself to finishing some long-requested features on the site."

Finally! and Yay!


43 Folders Wiki

Main Page - 43FoldersWiki: "The wiki web for 43 Folders, which we've conceived as a place to explore and expand on the ideas discussed on the 43F site"




EndUserDocumentation: "Chandler is intended to be an open source personal information manager for email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and general information management, as well as a platform for developing information management applications."

Whoa. Not quite ready for use, but, quite the proof of concept.

Identity: toward an internet publicity policy

The Robot Co-op: Identity: toward an internet publicity policy: "
Perhaps we need a “publicity policy” for 2.0 websites. A publicity policy could make clear that information on 43 Things is public: that the site is about sharing your goals with others"

"offline, no one knows you are a talented photographer, that you want
to learn Italian, that you discover great links or know some great people"
- Josh Petersen

Custom RSS Feed for San Francisco, California, United States weather

Create a Custom RSS Weather Feed

Nicely done!


FlickrBlog: "Yes! We can finally confirm that Yahoo has made a definitive agreement to acquire Flickr and us, Ludicorp. Smack the tattlers and pop the champagne corks!"

Thoughts on Flickr and Yahoo (by Jeremy Zawodny): "There are many parts of Yahoo that will be Flickrized in the coming months. And with more resources available, Flickr itself will be able to grow like never before."

"does one thing and does it well"

"makes extensive and intuitive use of RSS"

The story unfolds at Flickr: FlickrCentral


Anti Social Behaviour Order

The Anti Social Behaviour Order is a tool so draconian that they undermine the very liberties that they are supposed to protect. ASBOs give a set of restrictions tailored to an individual for petty offences (which may not even be against the law) and can impose up to five years in prison for violating the terms. Hearsay evidence is even allowed! one bloke is spending four months in jail for howling like a werewolf.

GameOptics LCD Display

ThinkGeek :: GameOptics LCD Display: "Now you can frag away, while still keeping up to date with your PC's instant messaging software, incoming emails, MP3 and internet radio playback, even check the weather - All without having to interrupt your gaming session."

Have no life and get your game on and pretend that you have a life!

Network analysis of the Flickr population

FlickrLand January 2005 - a photoset on Flickr: "Network analysis of the Flickr population"

Interesting graph photoset


Google Developing An Internet Operating System?

Google Developing An Internet Operating System?: "I'm calling it an Internet Operating System because it sounds 10x better than what a recent article called
Google's future plans, quoted saying it is a "Web-based thin
client-type hosted environment-slash-operating system

Extending Wikipedia to include everything. The next stage of social networking

How Not To Blog - Extending Wikipedia to include everything: "Why can't social networking sites bother to network with one-another? Are they that anti-social?

Wikipedia is the perfect platform on which to bring everything under the sun together. ... Every person, place, thing, and event would be assigned a unique ID"

Frightening! (in a fun sort of way)


Life Hacks Live

Life Hacks Live

43Things Sings!

the fairy-tale promise of wrangling all the crap in your life
through prioritization.

- Merlin Mann

If you've got four people going to a concert, before the key is
turned in the ignition, everyone holds the ticket to their
foreheads and verifies that everyone else has a ticket. There's
something satisfying about making it hard to screw up -- it's
like clipping mittens to your sleeves.

- Merlin Mann

Why keyboard shortcuts?
Obvious to geeks. It all comes back to
Apple R&D shows
that keyboarding is only perceived as faster, while using the
mouse is actually faster.
Power users are delusional.

- Danny O'Brien

Technically Inexperienced People (TIPpies) are
NEVER in a flow state. If you try to help people who are battling
their computers, they're never concentrating on their task, never
in flow. The trick is to stay in your chosen app and not make the

- Alice Taylor

A9.com > OpenSearch

A9.com > OpenSearch: "OpenSearch is not a search engine—it is a way for search engines to publish their search results in a standard and accessible format. And because OpenSearch is built on top of standard RSS, existing tools—such as blog readers—can read OpenSearch results natively."

"We want OpenSearch to do for search what RSS has done for content."

Google Code

Google Code: "Welcome to Code.Google.com! I'd like to welcome everyone to the site! Look around, and please join our discussion groups. If you like and are using a feed aggregator, we have two feeds that you can subscribe to. This one (updates) and the featured program, in which we pick a great app that uses some Google tool or api."

Soap on a rope!

the Unwisdom of Crowds

Travels with Rhody: James Surowiecki on the Unwisdom of Crowds

The question for all of us is, how can you have interaction without information cascades, without losing the independence that's such a key factor in group intelligence? First one: the best thing to do is to keep your ties loose. You're better off, and the group is better off, if the ties are looser, because loose ties minimize the influence of those around you. Second, keep yourself exposed to as much information as possible. Injecting some level of randomnesss into the system is a good thing.

All Complex Ecosystems Have Parasites

Parasites: "We are proud parasites, we Emerging Techers. We're engaged in perl whirling, pythoneering, lightweight javarey -- we hack our cars and we hack our PCs. We're the rich humus carpeting the jungle floor and the tiny frogs living in the bromeliads.

The long tail -- Chris Anderson's name for the 95% of media that
isn't top sellers, but which, in aggregate, accounts for more
than half the money on the table for media vendors -- is the tail
of bottom-feeders and improbable denizens of the ocean's thermal
vents. We're unexpected guests at the dinner table and we have
the nerve to demand a full helping."

Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace

WikiHome: "Lawrence Lessig first published Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace in 1999. After five years in print and five years of changes in law, technology, and the context in which they reside, Code needs an update. But rather than do this alone, Professor Lessig is using this wiki to open the editing process to all, to draw upon the creativity and knowledge of the community. This is an online, collaborative book update; a first of its kind."


Apply CSS to Specific Sites

Apply CSS to Specific Sites: The URId extension for Firefox changes all this. Once installed, you can apply a CSS on a per-URL basis by locating your Chrome folder's "userContent.css".

Ah, greasemonkey does this well with a whole stack of contributed scripts.

how to blog

how to blog: "link like crazy. link anyone who links you, link your favorites, link your friends. dont be a prude. linking is what seperates bloggers from apes.

if you havent written about sex, religion, and politics in a week youre probably playing it too safe, which means you probably fucked up on #5, in which case start a second blog and keep your big mouth shut about it this time.

remember: nobody cares which N*Sync member you are, what State you are, which Party of Five kid you are, or which Weezer song you are. the second you put one of those things on your blog you need to delete your blog and try out for the marching band. similarilly, nobody gives a shit what the weather is like in your town, nobody wants you to change their cursor into a butterfly, nobody wants to vote on whether your blog is hot or not, and nobody gives a rat ass what song youre listening to. write something Real for you, about you, every day."

Funny, guess that means that we should delete LiveJournal, en masse?

Google Sets

Google Sets: " Automatically create sets of items from a few examples. "

Lifehacker: "points to it's use as thesaurus."

I hadn't noticed a Google group per app before ...

Sifry Updates

Sifry Updates: "We're seeing about 45% of weblogs are 'stagnant', meaning that they haven't been updated in 6 months or more, and that's not using statistical sampling methods, that's from watching the entire blogosphere."

What a Slashdotting Looks Like | Threadwatch.org

What a Slashdotting Looks Like | Threadwatch.org: "Here's what it looked like in bandwith terms"

Nice spike!

Yahoo! 360�

Yahoo! 360� - Home: "Share photos. Create a blog"

Yahoo blogs teaser!

Marc's Voice: "Now imagine that Yahoo - in addition to hosuing all this end-user content - ALSO enabled folks ot easily contribute it to shared, public servers? "

Charlene Li's Blog
: "Be able to see reviews from people within your social network."
"The beta will start on March 29th."

Amazon's Improbable Phrases

onfocus.com | Amazon's Improbable Phrases: " Amazon is analyzing the text of books to find Statistically Improbable Phrases (SIPs) contained within. This is a funny, interesting way to get a glimpse inside the book before you buy. "

Google X

Google X: "'Roses are red. Violets are blue. OS X rocks. Homage to you.'"

Google search catagories as OS X icons (mouseover).

Yanked: "It looks like Google X, the new search tool in the style of Mac OS X published today,
is gone."


Costly 'Free Ride' Sustains Authority

Dan Gillmor on Grassroots Journalism, Etc.: Costly 'Free Ride' Sustains Authority: "there's a consequence for newpapers that go behind what Doc Searls and others call a 'pay-wall' -- a loss of Web presence in a world where being absent from the Web is, for many younger readers, like not being anywhere at all."

RSS Screensaver

NuParadigm: "The RSS Screensaver is a screensaver that lets you select and validate an RSS feed, and select a directory for background images. The Screensaver loops through the list of RSS items and shows the contents of the feed in the right hand side."

Now that's just odd.


SyndicNation - Lecteur RSS - Agr�gateur RSS en ligne: "Le format RSS, ou plus pr�cis�ment les standards RDF"

Lovely name! A web-based RSS reader ...

Buzz Game: Home

Buzz Game: Home: "The Tech Buzz Game is a fantasy prediction market for high-tech products, concepts, and trends"


Resource Rate

Resource Rate: "Resource rate technology uses a team of editors and a Firefox plugin to assess just which search engine forum threads are the most 'interesting'"


Blogs as browser start pages?

Blogs as browser start pages?: "I wonder how many other folks start their browsers on a blog rather than a more “traditional” homepage such as an ISP, portal, or search engine? Or is RSS well on its way to killing off the website-based blog as I know it?"

RSS Kills! News at Eleven!

My browser startup has been about:mozilla for many years ...


StructuredBlogging.org � What is Structured Blogging?

StructuredBlogging.org � What is Structured Blogging?: "Structured blogging is about making a movie review look different from a calendar entry. On the surface, it’s as simple as that - formatting blog entries around their content.

what we want to do is create structure (in the form of XML) around each of these types of entries, to organize the data inside and to let machine readers - other programs, sites, and aggregators - better understand the content."

Whoa! Just so. Also, All Consuming


Wists: "Advanced tagging: Wists allows you to create groups of tags, called 'themes', in order to manage large numbers of tags better. For example: to bookmark a Sushi Restaurant in New York you could enter: Restaurant location=ny type=sushi. You can invent as many themes as you like."

Double Silly Tagging!

Slashdot | 'Spamalot' Subscribers to Get Spam ... a Lot

Slashdot | 'Spamalot' Subscribers to Get Spam ... a Lot: "It looks like the list of e-mail addresses subscribed to the lists for the Broadway show 'Spamalot' has been nabbed by spammers."



Silver Bullet: "The excitement over Yahoo’s RSS/newsreader investment, the launch of Guardian and CNET branded newsreaders (okay, mostly CNET’s), the acquisition of Ask Jeeves by Bloglines etc has spurred a number of heated posts around various big sites’ (aka superpowers) ambitions in the space formerly known as the bleeding (leading?) edge--the blogosphere."

Sticky Silver-Bullets all around!

Factsheet 5 :: Your guide to zines and alternative publishing

Factsheet 5 :: Your guide to zines and alternative publishing: "Projected on-sale date: May 23, 2005 "

Nice website, looks like they have several clues.


Dinosaur Blog!

Non Sequitu

A recent NonSequitur strip calls a newspaper a "dinosaur blog"


Tagsy: universal tag-based content aggregator

Tagsy: universal tag-based content aggregator: "tagsy is a social bookmarks and feed management service, allowing you to save, categorize and browse information based on its popularity and relevance."

powerful Firefox extension coming to a browser near you!

Microsoft Test Web Based Aggregator - Snubs Firefox

Microsoft Test Web Based Aggregator - Snubs Firefox

So, wanna see what might be coming soon, in answer to Ask Jeeves' Bloglines? Of course you do!

Here it is, as part of MSN's Sandbox: Start.com


Sifry's Alerts: Regarding Technorati's Community Manager, Niall Kennedy

Sifry's Alerts: Regarding Technorati's Community Manager, Niall Kennedy: "We're treating this as a learning experience for everybody and putting it behind us, and hope that the rest of you do too."

"To address the censorship charge that was thrown about head-on: we do not censor people's blogs, and we take the censorship allegation extremely seriously. I actively encourage our employees to blog, and to express their opinions. However, ..."

Niall Kennedy's Weblog: Whose voice is it anyway?

Niall Kennedy's Weblog: Whose voice is it anyway?: "My interpretation of Technorati's current blogging policy is an attempt to make sure employees are aware of the weight their words carry in this new medium and new industry. It is a really difficult thing to communicate and I am still not sure how to communicate this message effectively to new employees."

"I failed to comprehend the effects of my actions on Technorati" - Niall Kennedy

Google News (BETA)

Google News (BETA): "You can build and share your own customized version of Google News. Customized news allows you to create your own sections on the Google News front page to focus on, for instance, your favorite technology, sports team or entertainment. You can also rearrange your sections and choose which ones to show by mixing and matching any of the sections from the 22 regional editions of Google News from around the globe."

Zeitgeist on 43 Things

Zeitgeist on 43 Things: "The world wants to..."

I took a look at the Zeitgeist and, lo,Trueheart wants to practice discardia was there!

Yahoo! Publisher Network

Yahoo! Publisher Network: "To support the publishing community, Yahoo! will be introducing new products and services-including publishing tools, advertising products and access to our Yahoo! audience."


Bloglines Plumber

Bloglines Plumber: "Hi,

I'm the Bloglines Plumber. Bloglines is down for a little fixer upper. We will be back by 8:30Pm Pacific Time tonight, Monday March 7, 2005. Bloglines will be all better when I'm done with it.

The Bloglines Plumber "



Speirs.org :: Appcasting: "Appcasting is the practice of using the 'enclosure' feature of RSS 2.0 feeds to deliver updates and release notes for new software applications."

Niall Kennedy's Weblog: Bloggers seen as loose lips

Niall Kennedy's Weblog: Bloggers seen as loose lips: "Technorati would rather I did not express an opinion on issues such as corporate blogging policies that are affecting the world of weblogs. This post has been overwritten and my artwork posted to Flickr is now marked as private and available only to Flickr contacts marked as friends."

Whoa. Technorati - the new old-school medium.

Update: a disclamer was added and the pix Some blogger blabbed...


Otaku, Cedric's weblog: Another del.icio.us bookmarklet

Otaku, Cedric's weblog: Another del.icio.us bookmarklet: "Inspired by the success of my ReadLater bookmarklet for del.icio.us, I created the DFR bookmarklet (Delete From ReadLater, but since these bookmarklets go into my toolbar, I want to keep their names short)."

SOAP is boring, wake up Big Vendors or get niched

James Governor's MonkChips: SOAP is boring, wake up Big Vendors or get niched: "ebXML and REST have both been labelled as 'not Web Services'. But these technologies are both being adopted by some of the biggest names in ecommerce - GM, Amazon, and some of the coolest new semantic platforms (Bloglines, del.icio.us, flickr)."

New posting interface to del.icio.us ; painlessly reusing your tags

False Positives: New posting interface to del.icio.us ; painlessly reusing your tags: "You can also use 'http://del.icio.us/url/[your user name]/' to find if a url has been bookmarked and using what set of tags. More Meta info!!"

Humm, I haven't found more than a way to get a search box, but, seeing counts and tags for a url is great.


Websnark.com: Frienditto and E-mail: the fallacy of privacy on the Internet: "Over on Livejournal, I've seen a cascade of sometimes panicked, sometimes pissed posts regarding a website called Frienditto. This site, for the record, takes your LJ username and password, logs in as you, and slurps down stuff you can see into their own database. If you're a registered user, you can do this in a private archive for your own use. If not, it goes into the public archive -- even if the original Livejournal post was locked to Friends. In other words, if you have a Friend on your Friends List who uses this service, the posts you've locked to your friends that he has access to show up on a public website, as well as a public Livejournal Community.

Guys? Welcome to the Internet."

Sheesh, I popped into LJ to post and there were all of these shrill warnings about Frienditto (which looks like it's melting).

Blog Threat levels

Blog threat levels: " We provide the following blog terror alert level indicators as a public service [Ed: and final payment on the court-‌ordered community service]. We hope we’re in time to save lives.

Copy any of the individual script text into your HTML template to get the alert level it appears beneath. "


Functional Blogging

As I May Think...: Will Scoble's book be out of date before it is read?: "What Kedrosky is speaking of is what we at PubSub have been referring to as 'Structured Blogging' and may be what Mark Fletcher of Bloglines/AskJeeves has listed as 'Functional Blogging' in presentations he's recently given. The basic idea is to go beyond 'mere' text in blogs and include structured XML that describes job-openings, events, new prices, press releases, updates to phone numbers and contact info, requests for proposals, etc. i.e. Using the now almost ubiquitous content syndication network to broadcast useful business *data* -- not just prose or text commentaries."

Oh, dear, more terms as obtuse as folksonomy ...

Unlinking from Social Networks: Part 2

Unlinking from Social Networks: Part 2: "I set up a poll at www.votations.com
that has just about a 100 respondents.

I plan to rework the poll, and press on with my retreat from SNAs. Next are ZeroDegrees, Spoke, Orkut, Friendster, Tribe.net, and so on. More to follow."

As facilitating as a train wreck, now with graphs!

Social Networking Services Meta List

Home of the Social Networking Services Meta List - The Social Software Weblog - socialsoftware.weblogsinc.com: "recently updated Social Networking Services Meta List. It is broken down into nine loosely built categories that will continue to shift. These social networking categories are: business; common interest; dating; face-to-face facilitation; friends; MoSoSo (Mobile Social Software); pets; photos; and ’edge’ cases or social networking ‘plus’ sites."