'And once you start thinking of web sites as applications, you soon come to realize that they represent an entirely new breed, something you might call an "information application," or perhaps even "infoware." - Tim O'Reilly

"Next-generation infoware ... because both of them let you quit

Syndicated news (and blogs) succeed because they only trade in meta-data and thus are fully shareable; it matters not one iota to anyone if you read that BBC story off a weblog sidebar, inline on a portal page or on the actual BBC.

picking up my signal across a network of enthusiastic relays each aggregating, reformating and rebundling in their bid for your membership attention." - TeledyN

"But I'd love to see competition based on the value that's wrapped around the portable data we choose to mesh with infoware services, rather than on data lock-in." - Jon Udell: Next-generation infoware


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