Compari Liqueur Will Make Coffee Hooch, Illyquore

Compari Liqueur Will Make Coffee Hooch, Illyquore: "Campari, the Italian liqueur company is blending with Illy to give you a better buzz two ways. Together, they will make a new coffee liqueur drink called Illyquore."

Humm, I see that Starbucks and Godiva are already in this nitch. Hope they keep some herbal bitter in the mix, otherwise it won't be good for much more than a bump in the x-tini, sex-on-the-x, and Aqualung family of spew.

On the other foot, maybe they'll spike interest and we'll get another entry in the beer family like Redhook Doubleblack Stout


Emily the Strange Film

Emily the Strange Film: "Counterculture icon Emily the Strange will soon star in a long-anticipated feature film, and Dark Horse Entertainment President Mike Richardson has signed on as the film’s produce"

Nice! If doomed ...


Hell's Kitchen The Game

Hell's Kitchen The Game: "Hell’s Kitchen is a US TV phenomenon as renowned Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring chefs through a rigorous culinary bootcamp. Experience the show's pressure-cooker atmosphere as you go through a series of kitchen and dining room challenges."

Those willing to fork up $19.99 can get the "uncensored" version with "language not suitable for all audiences

Buh? So many things wrong with this that the head spins.


Twitter Status - With friends tab and feeds

Twitter Status - With friends tab and feeds: "Recently we made a change to remove the With Friends tab from user profiles. We did this after finding out that this tab was both a relatively rarely accessed as well as computationally expensive page for us to serve. At the same time we removed access to the feeds for this page."

Doh! Loose your feed, loose your friends. Sheesh, do people actually use the UI and page back though messages?

Guess I'm getting my Twitter via a feed from http://friendfeed.com/?service=twitter



Plurk.com storm on Twitter and Friendfeed ... may as well play along!

A couple of user lists

ashnod @ Plurk.com


The Facebook Blog | Facebook

The Facebook Blog | Facebook: "A recent place where we've been fighting the spam battle has been through sites that ask for a user's login information to use a contact importer, and then spam all of their friends. Right now, the sites that are asking for this information, and that we are blocking as a result, gain complete access and control over your account when you enter your login info—your photos, your private messages, and your friends."

Well, it's a good start for one of the super-powers to take issue with the practice. Even if they still have a Friend Finder begging for email passwords.

Papers Written by Googlers

Papers Written by Googlers: "Below is a partial list of publications by people after joining Google, organized by category."

Whoa, dunno how I missed this section. New Feed!

RSS Feed Mayhem

[scribkin] RSS Feed Mayhem: "A radical new plan was hatched that we both agreed to abide by, starting today. We would dump all our RSS feeds out of Google Reader and only add new feeds based on a set of rules:"

Whoa, Drastic. I've certainly got too many unsorted/ignored feeds and need to get some filing done. Some odd combination of grazr, toluu, shyftr I think ...