Wife murdered for changing Facebook status

Wife murdered for changing Facebook status - Telegraph: "Richardson became enraged when Sarah changed her marital status on Facebook to single and decided to go and see her as she was not responding to his messages."

Whoa, Gonna have to watch those late-night status updates ...


Verizon Hub "landline slayer" officially unveiled

Verizon Hub "landline slayer" officially unveiled - Engadget: "The system boasts a 7-inch touchscreen display, and will work with Verizon wireless subscribers handset(s) to eliminate the need for a landline. The idea here is that the hub can sync to your calendar, contacts, maps, traffic and weather reports via broadband."

Whoa! Gonna have to poke at one. Mighty shiny!


One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Official Google Blog: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: "You may have noticed that Google has a new favicon"

Whoa, how could you miss it?! It's the technicolor yawn of favicons ...


Gaza aggressors kiss cell phones goodbye

Press TV - Gaza aggressors kiss cell phones goodbye: "Six hours before the Israeli ground incursion into Gaza on Saturday, thousands of infantry and armored forces were ordered to hand over their cell phones, an official has told AFP on condition of anonymity. The order was 'to keep the impending attack secret', an Israeli official was quoted as saying."

The very act of having a cell phone is a security leak! Guess the monkey mind is moving faster than the military can train it ...

Whopper Sacrifice

Whopper Sacrifice Application
Install WHOPPER® Sacrifice on your Facebook profile and we'll reward you with a free flame-broiled WHOPPER® Sandwich when you sacrifice 10 of your friends*

That's the spirit! Unloyalty rewards!

Love the burning human graphic. Do they make burgers from the unfriended?


LiveJournal on Life Support

Report: LiveJournal on Life Support: "The company has reportedly laid off 20 of 28 employees, “leaving only a handful of finance and operations workers.”"

Even with paid accounts and plenty of advertising? Weird.

Stacey's Demise

Stacey's Demise - SFist: San Francisco: "Venerable Stacey's Books, after celebrating 85 years in business this last fall, announced to staff today that the store will close sometime in late March."

SF can't sustain an excellent bookstore downtown? Bah!