Six Apart to support Palm Foleo

Six Apart to support Palm Foleo: "Six Apart is working with Palm, Inc. to give Palm Foleo mobile companion customers access to Six Apart’s wide range of blogging services"

Nice! Shame that it's $500 with bluetooth only. That's one expensive keyboard ...

Think I'll continue to lust after the Nokia 770 keyboardless wonder ...

Networks Try 'Twittering'

Networks Try 'Twittering': "ABC Family, the Walt Disney-owned network has launched a promotion around 'Greek,' a new comedy-drama about fraternity and sorority life. Twitter allows consumers to follow the show via text updates and behind-the-scene tidbits from the show's cast and writers.

The title character in the new NBC show 'Chuck,' about a computer geek who becomes a secret agent, will twitter to fans of the show. The campaign launches next Monday and NBC hopes Twitter will send users to other platforms like MySpace, where Chuck will also have a profile."


Angry mob gathers outside SF datacenter

Angry mob gathers outside SF datacenter: "There's a reason most datacenters are located in distant office parks: It's harder for angry customers to line up at your door."

It was fun following along on twitter, esp. LaughingSquid and SixApart



Finally took the Facebook pill ... slow to find stuff, but, pretty much once the pill has bloomed.

ashnod @ Facebook

Keen Zombie App!

Facebook in 40 Years

Facebook is the new AOL: "Eventually, someone will come along and turn Facebook inside-out, so that instead of custom applications running on a platform in a walled garden, applications run on the internet, out in the open, and people can tie their social network into it if they want, with privacy controls, access levels, and alter-egos galore."