Fake bloggers soon to be ‘named and shamed’-News-Politics-TimesOnline

Fake bloggers soon to be ‘named and shamed’-News-Politics-TimesOnline: "Hotels, restaurants and online shops that post glowing reviews about themselves under false identities could face criminal prosecution under new rules that come into force next year."

"From December 31, when the change becomes law in the UK, they can be named and shamed by trading standards or taken to court."

I love me some Sock Puppet.


Funeral home in Second Life

Infocult: Information, Culture, Policy, Education: Funeral home in Second Life: "Death in Second Life: a funeral home has opened up. Actually a combination funeral home and crematorium, with urns."

Ah, just need a live video feed of the funeral into second life. Guess there are already a couple of funeral homes that webcast ...

A Taxonomy of Social Networks?

GigaOM � A Taxonomy of Social Networks?: "Earlier this week, Om called social networks a feature. It’s a good point, though, one that seems all too obvious to someone like me who’s covered way too many social networks and often ends up bored before making it through yet another registration form."

Heh. Yet Another Profile could be our middle name. Abandon this!


55% Of People Regularly or Always Fake Their Web Identity

55% Of People Regularly or Always Fake Their Web Identity: "After 511 votes so far, an astonishing 55% of respondents say they regularly or always use fake Web identities."

And this surprises them, how?