Bebo: "Bebo is the next generation social networking site where members can stay in touch with their College friends, connect with friends, share photos, discover new interests and just hang out."

Bebo's everywhere. I finally had to cut an account and poke at it.

ashub @ bebo

No links out to homepage, limited html (no anchors!), no rss out. Weird safety blurbs throughout. Hard to find people ... conspiracy theory sez that equals page views. A well walled garden.

Ah, well, picked out a skin and found one band that I like ... Machine Head

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Don't Back Down: Leaving Bloglines for the Google Reader

Leaving Bloglines for the Google Reader: "I've been using Bloglines since a couple of days after they launched (a little over forty months now, if memory serves). I've even written a mildly popular Firefox extension for the service - the Bloglines Toolkit. It's safe to say that Bloglines has been a part of my life for a while. But it's time to move on."

The interface of the Google Reader is just better, and while the Bloglines folks have tried to upgrade their offering recently, giving it some small updates to make incremental improvements - it's like putting the proverbial lipstick on a pig."

Ah! I use the bloglines toolkit constantly for web clipping to Breadcrumbs. It's part of the reason that I seldom think of swapping feed readers. I use Rojo for high-volume, low-information feeds and don't think twice about marking all feeds read. Google Reader doesn't seem near as useful as the above, maybe if I found a few more hotkeys it could be.

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SuprGlu: "500 - Internal Server Error"

Bah! I finally get around to signing up and this greets me. I wanted to collect all the feeds and dump them into the identity aggregators.

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klostu.com: "provides members of boards (and even blogs) advanced profiles with a growing range of social tools and useful widgets. Klostu profiles appear within the boards and will move seamlessly from one board to another, wherever the user may travel on the boardscape."

Ah, An identity service for bbses and forums. Yay. Oh, bah! Closed beta.
So weird having to create yet another id for a services forum or wiki ...

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Flickr: The DS Tie-In Games I Wanna Play

Flickr: The DS Tie-In Games I Wanna Play

Funny meme pooling onto flickr. Some of my faves are The Wall, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and The Elements of Style.


Identity aggregators

ProfileLinker Takes Meebo Approach to Social Networking: "You tell ProfileLinker your site credentials and it pulls your bio, friends and other information from those sites and centralizes it. You then use ProfileLinker to manage your activity on those networks: aggregate and manage multiple social profiles; discover new social networks and communities of interest within social networks; and receive notification of messages and friend requests from multiple networks."

Really busy website with way too many blinky things going on. A few browser crashes, even. Looks like it's trying to do central profile, though.

Guess to make it really useful you have to cough up passwords for the other sites. I'll have to create some shortdurperselves to try it out ...

ashton @ ProfileLinker

Now, Ziki on the other hand looks more like a feed aggregator with some profile links. Nice tagging and 'find similar', though. A limited set of social networks to choose from, which is odd since they don't seem to pull anything from them, but, you can still slurp feeds from whereever.

ashton @ Ziki

Gimmie a plain ole rss feed slurper and link farm anyday. Oh! And tribe finally make rss feeds for their blogs.

ashton @ Tribe

Guess I've got switch to the new version of blogger (gooblo?) and mess with the sidebar now ...

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Ask.com - Blog Search and Feed Search

Ask.com - Blog Search and Feed Search:

1 Binoculars Roll-over to preview the site without leaving the page.

2 Subscribe Subscribe to feeds using your preferred reader.

3 Post To Share results by posting them to your favorite sites."

Whoa, nice drop-down subscribe. Now if I can only remember to use it ...


Upcoming.org: News

Upcoming.org: News: "Here's a little Christmas present before the end of the year... You might have noticed a new little feature pop up on our event pages yesterday, tucked under the list of attendees -- suggested events based on the interests of everyone going."

"If you like this, you might also like..."

Awesomo linking powers!


Repeal Day, December 5th

Repeal Day: "Here's a classic Repeal Day video to get you primed and ready:"

Ah! A much better name than Twenty-first Amendment Passes Day.

"Generally, Repeal Day is celebrated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages."

I'll drink to that!



Multiply 3.0 looks good, the combined network/group view is certainly a model that more sites should adopt. Humm, seems to me that orkut had something similar, but, I'm not finding it now.

Multiply: " Cross-posting allows you to have blog entries posted to LiveJournal, Blogger, TypePad, Xanga, or Windows Live Spaces automatically posted to Multiply as well.

Allow any combination of people from your Network, Contacts and Individuals to see your posts."

Ah! Feeds for both people and groups! Skins and CSS. Oddly there doesn't seem to be much a profile, just basic user name, picture, and location.

ashub @ multiply

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Oh! ashub @ multiply is the 2nd hit for boingy at Google Search.


I shall have to abuse boingy!

boingy womble insanely!


The Blasphemy Challenge

The Blasphemy Challenge: "You may damn yourself to Hell however you would like, but somewhere in your video you must say this phrase: 'I deny the Holy Spirit.'

Why? Because, according to Mark 3:29 in the Holy Bible, 'Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin.'"

Hat tip to BuzzFeed: "Damn yourself to hell via YouTube, win a free DVD! Wow, no one told me that my fellow comrades in the War on Christmas were HOT! We are totally gonna win this one."

Wonkette: "Our favorite part, besides checking out the cute atheist teenagers, is that they’ve advertised in Tiger Beat and Boy Scout Trail"



Mugshot: "Show updates from all your sites on one page. Get live updates from friends. The Mugshot website is just a backdrop for the activity that unfolds for people who have the Mugshot running on their machines.

We currently support blogs, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube, with more to come soon."

Huh, a weird combination of social identity aggregator and stalker. Not so gleeful about the download and the communities don't make much sense via a browser.

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Everyone - BuzzFeed: "'Time' magazine cops out and awards Person of the Year to you. And all you got was a whole slew of annoying blog posts about it in your RSS reader."

Heh! And they're still rolling in ...

On the bright side, BuzzFeed keeps my reading singing with things like the Blasphemy Challenge and the War on Xmas.



MingleNow Slides into the Social Economy: MingleNow is "online/offline social network dedicated to connecting users to their favorite clubs and bars and the people who go there."

Eeek! Those pix should have scared me away, but, noooo. Looks like they slurped places from somewheres and slapped random images on them. Ah, well, it's built, maybe they will come. Not seeing any blogging or rss feeds.

ashton @ MingleNow

Coastr also has a nice angle.

Don't really see how this will fit into the upcoming, evite, dodgeball mix ...

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SFist: MUNI Wants to Know What Love Is

SFist: MUNI Wants to Know What Love Is: "Transit Effectiveness Project are taking this whole 'listening to the people' thing to a whole other level . Mainly they now have an online survey for you, the rider, to fill out and tell them how you feel about MUNI. It's fun too. And the best part? There's a whole section where they want you to write anything that you wanted to say to MUNI."

Heh, that's going to leave a mark.

The SFCron says that a Muni deficit is projected, but fares will hold steady "Muni has raised fares twice since 2003, with the cost of a regular adult fare now at $1.50 -- a 50 percent increase. Going back for a third fare increase would not be politically palatable, particularly in a year when Mayor Gavin Newsom will be running for re-election and Muni's service reliability is slipping.

Muni is the Bay Area's busiest public transit system with about 618,000 boardings each day. But by the agency's own measures, vehicles are overcrowded, service is slowing down and missed runs are the norm."

It's even better that Office of the Mayor sez that "Newsom sponsored legislation implementing Rescue Muni's reform plan and helped put our Municipal Railway on the road to recovery."

Now, about that Central Subway ...


Social Networks are Killing Email

Social Networks are Killing Email: "so many students use chatting tools and social networking sites that MSU is even considering phasing out the #1 internet tool of the last 30 years: email accounts. Because students are online all the time and messaging through other means, there is little need for personal, school-based email accounts. Everybody simply uses the built-in tools in the virtual spaces they inhabit."

Funny. Gimmie a pipe and get out of the way. What would I need another account for?


SF Muni: Central Subway

SF Muni: Central Subway

Ugg. So Dumb. Looks like they might actually connect to existing metro stations via tunnels. They don't even make it up to Stockton or North Beach, just dump 'em off at the Lion Gate.



MySpaceIM: "Requires Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP and Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher"

Ugg. Like that's going to happen. Why didn't they just slap in a jabber?