YASN Invites

Many-to-Many: YASNS: ICQ Universe: "This takes the AOL Lobby/LambdaMOO closet pattern and adds it to the YASNS world -- an entry space where you're in the system, but not yet part of the social world. The dynamics of the 'Why I Should Be Invited' box could be amazing, since it will be people lobbying for inclusion by people who aren't, by definition, their friends."


Laughing Squid Stickers

Stickers! "Some of you have asked us where you can find our Laughing Squid vinyl stickers that you see around on laptops, cars, notebooks and other things. I usually have some with me when I’m out and about, leaving them at events, cafes, etc., but if you send a self-addressed stamped envalope (SASE) to our PO Box, we will just mail some out to you, for free of course."

Wow, I got quite the care package from the Primary Tentacle! A selection of stickers (I'm used to seeing the green, but, the purple is mighty tempting) and some postcards. Now I have to stalk some prime real estate ...

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