Tribe 'open container' profiles allow one add and arrange modules in a two column format (plus one for ads). The modules can contain pictures, lists, rss feeds, a blog of sorts, and tribe content like friends, tribes, events, etc. I'm quite fond of the stalk module that shows your recent posts to public tribes.

The modules allow one to pull in rss feeds, so you could create a public
Digital Lifestyle Aggregator of sorts ... Livejournal posts of what they had for lunch seems to be popular. I have seen a few people put the rss output from a tribe into their public profile, mixing metaphors nicely. Ironically, tribe itself is not producing rss feeds for the in-profile blogs making the place smell of walled garden. In spite of former Tribe CEO Mark Pincus arguing for interoperability and open standards to allow users to interact with members of different networks without having to join those networks. Add the injury of no discussion post edits (every word is sacred) and no html markup we've got a near miss. Heck, even Friendster has Typepad blogs bolted on.

I've shifted most of my community reading to rss since discussion threads load like slow snot and now that people can put all sorts of interesting content on their profile page those often load even slower.

For some occasional under the hood data, check the Briatribe.

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