If Big Brother is watching us, let's give him something to chew on

If Big Brother is watching us, let's give him something to chew on: "A Knight Ridder report revealed that in 2003 lawmakers attempted to rein in Bush's abuse of signing statements by passing a bill that required the Justice Department to inform Congress whenever BushCo decided to ignore a legislative provision. Bush signed the bill into law -- but then immediately issued a signing statement asserting his right to ignore it. Ah, the nauseating poetry of it all."

Finally! E Ink for the masses!

Screening the Latest Bestseller

The Sony Reader might be just the ticket to kick the e-book market into high gear.

Scheduled to go on sale this spring for between $300 and $400, the Reader is a compact slab about the size of a small paperback book (5-by-7 inches, and a half-inch thick). But it's the 3.5-by-4.8-inch display that made it the buzz of the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month in Las Vegas.

"Sony has said that the Reader will be able to display content from RSS feeds and from PDF files in addition to e-books in Sony's own BBeB format."


Loompanics, Exit stage left

Loompanics: "Welcome to our Final supplement, and sadly our going out of business sale. All books are 50% off their original price (including everything in the large 2005 Main Catalog). "


Gmail delete!

About Gmail: "Now there's an easy-to-find delete button for those messages you really don’t want."

Finally! Sheesh.


SFist: Muni to Presidio Commuters: "F**k You All"

SFist: Muni to Presidio Commuters: "F**k You All": "Case in point: the temporary re-routing of the 43. We don't know where to begin with the number of ways this could have been a minor inconvenience, but morphed into a major s**t-storm due to -- what? Incompetance? Laziness? Malice? We just can't figure out how it's possible for transit to suck so bad.

Our guess is that it has something to do with their allegiance to Satan."

Heh! The N has certainly been sucking recently. Impending Second Meltdown?

Ah! The Great Renamaing as in the 22 Fillmore is Twenty Too Late to Matter


Road music

Road music: "Datebook writers and critics have compiled their own playlists", even one for the 22 MUNI bus.

It would be fun to cut soundtracks for a commute and then jack them ...


SF Metro Improvement Project

Metro Improvement Project: as of January 17 the Metro Underground (Embarcadero through Church)will be closed after 10pm.

Poking around, I did find the Metro Map online!


eStarling Flickr Enabled LCD Frame

ThinkGeek :: eStarling Wi-Fi Gmail / Flickr Enabled LCD Frame: "The eStarling frame is a standalone Wi-Fi LCD photo frame that connects to a wireless network and automatically displays photos e-mailed to it in a slideshow format. Additionally you can specify an RSS photo feed from Flickr based on your own tagged keywords. You can even shoot photos on your mobile phone then e-mail them directly to your eStarling frame for display. If you install a CF or SD card with photos into the eStarling frame these will go into rotation on the frame along with any photos received via e-mail or Flickr photo feeds"

Now there's a strange bit of tech. A picture frame that supports rss and pop!