I saw one walking by the wall of shame at Safeway and thought "Oh, yea, I've
been meaning to try this. It probably tastes like dirty bud, which, frankly, would be an improvement." I got it home, opened it while putting away the groceries
and wandered over to my desk and set it down to login and etc. It was only later
when I saw the enticing beer shaped bottle that I took a drink and thought

"Holy Technicolor Spew, Batman! What did I just put in my mouth?"

A Rat-Fink soda? Cough Syrup? Zima? Yuck!

Budweister sez that it's a 'great mixture of beer and new flavors'. I think that Cruft nailed it as 'something akin to beer with a Flintstone's vitamin ground up in it.' It's practically one of those dreaded wine coolers. Heck, it probably mixes well with Kool-Aid

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