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What is it with stupid headshot rules? Reezle rejected my fist and hand-over-face. Yahoo spazed about them when they first released too.

OpenID: an actually distributed identity system

OpenID: an actually distributed identity system: "This is a distributed identity system, but one that's actually distributed and doesn't entirely crumble if one company turns evil or goes out of business."

OpenID is maturing quickly and there are already a couple of little applications which can accept OpenID logins. LiveJournal is already providing an identity server so that LiveJournal users can log in to other OpenID sites. The next step is to make LiveJournal be what we've been calling a consumer of OpenID, meaning that external users can log in here.
lj_dev: OpenID on LiveJournal

Perl modules, Net-OpenID-Server-0.03, Net-OpenID-Consumer-0.08


Bloglines: 196/785. All quiet ...



Reezle, YASN! Holler for invite.

Just went beta, hence not much there. Good signs are markup, edit, blog, and sensible urls. Bad sign, no rss (in or out).

ashton @ reezle

YASN community @ reezle


Bloglines: 177/786. Looks pretty clear, guess I need to drop a few high-volume feeds if I want to be less twitchy.


Bloglines: 93/787. My feed never looked so good. Now I've got to unsub from a few ...

Bloglines | divedi's Blogs

divedi's has 5000 feeds in his Bloglines account! Sheesh, I suffer with 700.

His blog is an excellent source of rss feeds and directories.

Flickr: !Habit Forming

!Habit Forming added me as a Flickr contact, so I took a look. Youch, overachiever. In trawling though his profile I found a few interesting things ... Urban Decay, CellPhonies, numbers, Beer, There are Flickr: Forums including FlickrIdeas.

And Tuco is a fine persona!



Bloglines: 243/788. Seems pretty light ...


Bloglines: 169/788. Now I have to pare a few feeds ...


Tagsurf: "Tagsurf is a new type of online message board which uses tags to help organize subjects instead of threads or channels."

Watchlists for tags, Tag aggragators, Notifiers to email or IM accounts, bookmarklet, and an API. That's quite an Alpha!

ashton @ Tagsurf



I saw one walking by the wall of shame at Safeway and thought "Oh, yea, I've
been meaning to try this. It probably tastes like dirty bud, which, frankly, would be an improvement." I got it home, opened it while putting away the groceries
and wandered over to my desk and set it down to login and etc. It was only later
when I saw the enticing beer shaped bottle that I took a drink and thought

"Holy Technicolor Spew, Batman! What did I just put in my mouth?"

A Rat-Fink soda? Cough Syrup? Zima? Yuck!

Budweister sez that it's a 'great mixture of beer and new flavors'. I think that Cruft nailed it as 'something akin to beer with a Flintstone's vitamin ground up in it.' It's practically one of those dreaded wine coolers. Heck, it probably mixes well with Kool-Aid

Bloglines | shieon's Blogs

Bloglines | shieon's Blogs

Buh? I was looking at some fallow feeds when I noticed someone else subscribed to a goofy word search. My feeds have been slurped by shieon! Looks like they tossed 5+ peoples ompl files together ...

Well, I just reaped though their blogroll, which was mighty disorienting, and ended up at 376/785 feeds. A couple of good bay area blogs (some SFists, even) and a stack of publishing/pop culture blogs.

Now, whatever was it that I sat down to do?


Bloglines: 364/772. Ooops, looks like I've been doing some mad subscribing. It doesn't look bad, though.


Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) :: Buddy Poppy

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) :: Buddy Poppy

The vets have been out the last couple of days. I'm glad to see that their little collection cans have been filled to bursting. Now I have quite the collection of Buddy Poppies from the years that I've worked downtown ...


Bloglines: 304/762. Looks pretty clear, though.




Searches can be RSSed! I knew it, but, just started using it to much glee.

Very Small Objects

Very Small Objects

My NeliFrag-TablConjoin-BlakRetiHardBiggerlik explodes with delight! Do poke at the Classification Charts.

slap my homie scott a few times, then get dude laid cause he needs it on 43 Things

slap my homie scott a few times, then get dude laid cause he needs it on 43 Things


Bloglines: 357/761. Cleared the thick Ire/Irk folders last night. The feed certainly feels more clear today ...



Bloglines: 435/753. Sheesh. Soon, I'm going to be so behind that I can't even hit 'mark all read'.


Home - tribe.net

Home - tribe.net: read through everything in a half-hour. Unsubscribed from two tribes, even.


Bloglines: 395/748. Going to have to hit the dreaded 'mark all read' soon.



Walked into the bookstore to get Firefox Hacks and walked out with The Power of Babel and The Big Book of Talking Dirty instead.

It's a peg! [1930s+] (Aus.)


Bloglines: 377/749. sigh.


Pandemia: Google personalized homepage nei labs da oggi

Pandemia: Google personalized homepage nei labs da oggi: "Directly from Google Factory Tour live now here, I take some slides about a new beta service: Google’s personalized homepage."

Via Google Does Portals | Bayosphere

Wow! Clean interface. Drag and drop modules. Gmail preview. Yum.

113 people del.icio.us'ed it before I did. Busy bees.

tribe.net spam

tribe.net is using Habeas "The war on spam is over – we lost." mail headers. Weird.

eastbayexpress.com | Alternative News Weekly

eastbayexpress.com had no less that three fleas in it. I saw a nest of inserts in the box when I got the paper and combed one out of the paper to leave a mark of disgust. Then another fell out when I opened it. And then yet a third one was found creeping within. Someone over there needs their account washed out with nasty chemicals.


Blogliness 365/742. Eeep! Taking a night off causes doom.



Bloglines: 270/743, pretty full. Looks like I need to loose a couple of folders.


Scientists Stamps

The Postal Store: "Four American Scientists-Thermodynamicist Josiah Willard Gibbs, geneticist Barbara McClintock, mathematician John von Neumann and physicist Richard P. Feynman-were honored with postage stamps"

Whoa, a John von Neumann stamp. Now, whatever can I stick it to? Heck, I should just use them like stickers and put them on my tech.

Bloglines | Weather

Bloglines | News: "You can add a weather forecast by city or by zipcode to get a daily forecast update for the entire week."

More personalization, adding to package tracking.

Also in tlhIngan Hol!

Firefox - cookieculler

mozdev.org - cookieculler easily protect those cookies you want to keep and quickly delete those that you don't want. Optionally deletes unprotected cookies on browser startup.

Amazing how much cruft one gains poking around. This is one of my 'must' extensions.


Bloglines 242/737 this morning, but, it doesn't feel like a backlog. I poked at it some, but, didn't read though entire folders as usual.



tribe.net only 10 tribes with new messages. Linky open selected links in tabs makes tribe much less painful.


Bloglines 96/729 this morning! Of course the feed was so rich that I quickly went up to 732 with some keen brand marketing blogs.


Bloglines Plumber

Bloglines Plumber: "the Flux Capacitor is taking longer than anticipated to fix"

Ah, updates. What good citizens they are.

Bloglines Plumber

Bloglines Plumber: "I'm the Bloglines Plumber. "

Heh, the plumber fits nicely into the feeds frame.


Poked at Friendster a bit. The blogs are full featured but quite bolted on (but have an rss feed). The groups are decent but seem quite underused (and do not have rss feeds). Bonus that you can put an rss feed onto your profile page. I just swapped mine over from bloglines (a bunch of noise) to this one ...


Bloglines better! It was 121/723 this morning and I read though most of it in under an hour. I even moved a whole stack of neighborhood tribes over and it still seems calm.


Ah! Wittled down to under 100 and then committed the dreaded 'mark all read'. We'll see what the morning brings ...



Sigh, 355/688. A couple of nights off and I'm buried. Going to have to check the list twice and then push the shiny candy-apple-red button that marks all read. *shudder*

What year is it again?

Upcoming shows include: Foreigner, Tears For Fears, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Styx, The Eagles, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Doobie Brothers, Blue Oyster Cult, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Oasis ...

and these aren't all at Konocti Harbor, either!

I'm sure that you can uncover more horror at The List

Dracula Blogged

Dracula Blogged: Draculablog launches: "This blog will publish Bram Stoker's Dracula for the next six months. Individual pieces of the novel will appear on the calendar dates indicated in the text, starting with Jonathan Harker's May 3rd Bistriz journal entry, and finishing up with November 6 and the final Note."

Fun use of a blog.

I greatly enjoy Dark Vader and
The Incredible Hulk.



281/677 not much work. Mostly chasing various social networks around in a circle and starting to collate them. Seems like most Social Software sites are quite insular and Do Not Play Well with Others. Ditto for the denizens.


MindSay: Tags

MindSay: Tags

Everyone's got the weighted tags. This one is for recent tags to posts.
It even pops up suggested tags based on your text.


Whittling away at the Bloglines account. 255 Updated Feeds of 676. Sheesh. I'd really like to get my 'updated every 10 minute' feeds down to about 100, 'must read' down to a couple of hundred, and be gleeful about punching 'mark all read'.


Yahoo! 360

Yahoo! 360: "Soon you'll be able to share RSS content from the Web (like photos, feeds, or blog posts) on your Yahoo! 3600 page."

Rotten navigation, but, if you can remove/rearrange the modules and pull rss, then it will be a contenda.

eBay Feedback Generator

eBay Feedback Generator:"Generate nonsense that resembles eBay feedback."

Heee! I use! Too funny.

The Generator is champion! Superior Quality! The output is exceptionally pleasing.


Password generator bookmarklet

Password generator bookmarklet: "So, I wrote a bookmarklet to make up passwords for me. It gets the hostname from the page's URL and mixes it together with your personal master password using a little cryptographic magic we call MD5."

Oh! Simple and brilliant.