Ancient Robots

Robot Builder has added Ancient Ones ! I may just have to play it a bit, in spite of the fact that the game seems goalless. Whereas Mad Scientist from the same developers is awesome ...

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No More San Francisco Edition of The Onion - SFist: San Francisco

No More San Francisco Edition of The Onion - SFist: San Francisco: "Today's editions of the The Onion in San Francisco and Los Angeles will be the last."

Unfortunately, despite healthy readership in both Los Angeles and San Francisco (readership has actually risen despite our reduction in copies in recent months) the advertising in both cities has been abysmal.

So, at the end of the day, you have to make a decision whether to pump money into parts of the company that are straining us financially (LA and SF print) or reroute that capital into the areas of the company
that are growing in size and value.

Now that The Onion finally has slots in the stupid pedmounts and you can find it somewhere other than bars, it's gone. The event listings were brilliant when the print version started, but, have steadily declined. I'd hoped that the Decider would improve them ...


MyOpenBar.com to Shutdown SF, LA Operations - SFist: San Francisco

MyOpenBar.com to Shutdown SF, LA Operations - SFist: San Francisco: "MyOpenBar, the AWESOME site that informs readers on any and all open-bar/cheap-booze events, will cease operations in Los Angeles and San Francisco. We talked to MyOpenBar, who we hoped would inform us that this was some sort of cruel joke. No suck luck. According MyOpenBar, 'Yes, we're closing both LA and SF websites due to our inability to monetize those branches in all this time."

Arg! The weekly newsletter was good, but, the twitter stream was invaluable. Curses! SF will not support event listings? At this rate we're going to loose the Chronicle Pink Section too ...