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Currently only the politics section is up.

Relevanta's economy system rewards based on merit. Rating, commenting, and posting all boost your experience levels. Daily credit limits prevent spamming and trolling

'Blog' word of the year

'Blog' word of the year: "A four-letter term that came to symbolize the difference between old and new media during this year's presidential campaign tops U.S. dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster's list of the 10 words of the year.

Blog will be a new entry in the 2005 version of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition."

Technorati Developers Wiki

Technorati Developers Wiki: "created for application developers, Web developers, and Technorati power users."


Yelp!: "When you want to find good local businesses you ask the people you trust. Just enter what you're looking for, together with your friends' email addresses. Friends will receive your request by email. Then, they recommend a business us ing Yelp! (sign up is not required). If they can't help, they can forward your request to one of their friends. When
your friends respond, you get an email. Just return to Yelp! to see
their recommendations."

Silliest socal network idea, ever.

Email is for old people

Email is for old people: "Email's efficiency falls in terms of promptness, convenience and credibility"

This short article suggests that, in Korea, email is used only for formal communications, or by older, less tech-saavy generations, while IMs, blogs, and SMS has taken over as the primary means of day to day messages.

via Slashdot

RSS and Information Overload

RSS and Information Overload: "I have found, and had confirmed by others, that one becomes quite pragmatic about the value of feeds. A well-crafted federated feed incorporating rehearsed searches on target keywords and feeds from the best of the web on a particular subject is an invaluable tool for keeping abreast of rapidly changing areas"


The 10 Habits of Highly Annoying Bloggers

The 10 Habits of Highly Annoying Bloggers

Blogging about Blogging? Guilty!

eatonweb portal

eatonweb portal: "this portal is a labor of love."

An old weblog portal that looks to be mostly moribund. However, you may find some treasure by poking around.

The Weblog Review

The Weblog Review: "What about the people that only want to read the best sites out there and don't want to read a review of the site? This question kind of defeated the purpose of the reviews he thought, but then he realized the answer. A rating system. But not just by the reviewer, but by the people that read the reviews and the sites."

Bah! No rss feed.

The Blogosphere

TOC: Communications of the ACM v47.12 (December 2004) The Blogosphere


Automatic Site-To-RSS Feed Creation

FeedFire Yet Another Scraper that I'll have to muck with soonest.

FeedFire allows you to create a feed from virtually any webpage, and turn it into a RSS feed suitable for using at your website, syndicating or just reading in your RSS news reader client

Via Robin Good


FOAF Specification

The FOAF project is based around the use of machine readable Web homepages for people, groups, companies and other kinds of thing. To achieve this we use the "FOAF vocabulary" to provide a collection of basic terms that can be used in these Web pages.

FOAF Vocabulary Specification

Blog Ping

There are a number of services designed specifically for tracking and connecting blogs. However it would be expensive for all the services to crawl all the blogs in the world all the time. By sending a small ping to each service you let them know you’ve updated so they can come check you out. They get the freshest data possible, you don’t get a thousand robots spidering your site all the time. Everybody wins.

Due to popular demand, and after some communication with their team, we’ve added support for the Feedster RSS Search Engine.



Mucked around with Feedster a bit.

MyFeedster is still ugly and useless next to

MyFeedpapers is odd and seems broken at the nonce.

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