tinytoolsmith YASN

Wanted: a social network to aggregate the toolsmiths: "I want something for folks building TinyTools: extensions, hacks, automator actions, dashboard widgets, cron scripts, Wordpress plug-ins, and the like. Since I’m nodding to Lazyweb anyhow, I may as well ping… anyone interested in building a tinytoolsmith YASN"

Humm, sort of a call to arms/request for widgets? More than a blog or del.icio.us pool, but, not quite the walled garden of a SN? We're already lousy with blogs, wikis, (anti-)social networks, source control repositories, search engines, and clipping and tagging services. No need to build a place for the widgets, just center of linking, tagging, and annotation. Color me interested.

However, we do need a SN just for invites to betas of SNs ...


barb dybwad said...

"we do need a SN just for invites to betas of SNs"

LOL! We totally do.

It seems like we're at a point where we can choose to move past needing to reinvent new tools for every community we want to start -- to a place where it's more important *what* we want to be gathering together about. The community of tinytoolsmithers can use a blog or a wiki or whatever combination of these things -- perhaps the important thing is not the software, but the meme around which we gather. And that what makes the community are the people who end up there and become a part of it as a result of the goals and ideas -- and the underlying technology is just a framework for that, but not so much important in and of itself. The software just provides the "location" for the community and a way to mediate its interactions... it's the people who make still make the community.

Ashub said...

Maybe not even a where or any software, but, just a cloud. Smiths will already have favored blogs, sites, and quirks ... dragging them into YASN and getting them to play well together sounds truely frightful. Declare 'tinytoolsmith' (or even just 'toolsmith') as the meme and start to tag, link, trackback, and aggregate the hacks into a searchable, browsable bundle of joy. Or a non-local, content-elsewhere, 'infowhere' that's mostly api and metadata. 'lifehack' is a recent successful memestick.