Tag Tuesday

Tag Tuesday: "With many thousands of users adopting tags, we thought it would be a good idea to gather tag developers every month to exchange ideas, and encourage code that works well together."

Left work late. Caught every red light on the way, which meant that I klunked into limbo on the way. It was a gaggle of Geeks with beer (well, Gordon Biersch, anyways) bellowing above musack. The highlight for me was stickers. I even saw someone peeling the top of their laptop to center a new acquisition. Now I'm on a quest for a Laughing Squid sticker (how have I overlooked them all this time?)

Kevin Marks from Technorati couldn't be heard above the drunks (no, the other drunks). So, the cats were herded outside and we ended up on some steps facing the water. Short informal talks followed. I think that more pictures were taken than words spoken.

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Flickr: interestingness, tag decay, timeliness vs quality.

I did get a nice list of tags, though! beer and group, whatsinyourbag and group, pothole , chimping, pinhole, transparentscreen, sometaithurts, sleep and sleeping.

Some Uniform chased us off yelling 'Earthquake, Earthquake, GollyZilla' and we scattered. Guess it was really Tsunami Tuesday. Some nice folks herded a few of us to their loft where people were pleasingly antisocial behind their tech. I certainly heard more Gnomedex than Supernova.

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