Tribe's head fall in

Tribe's always been such a permissive environment. What gives?

SFist: Big Changes at Tribe.net:
"The very definition of a 'chilling effect' on free speech is when legislation or enforcement of new laws are so potentially onerous that people and organization self-censor out of fear and potential liability."
"The exodus is already being planned, according to moderator scuttlebutt, and it sounds to be big enough that even Tribe's dense management will feel the breeze; which is sure to make their parent company, Knight-Ridder, wince. If Knight-Ridder thought Tribe was a money drain before, after December 20th, when all those moderators with all those Tribe members hit the delete key and move on, it's going to feel like a broken dam."

Brian a Tribe employee, said:
"Perhaps it is best to say that we are a technology company with a cultural component, and not a culture company with a technological component. "

I read feeds from tribe, but, poke my head in seldom anymores ...


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