ProBlogger Launches PayPerTweet

ProBlogger Launches PayPerTweet: "Opportunities will exist in the coming weeks for our ‘ReTweet’ program whereby Twitter users help messages to go viral for advertisers by joining together to ReTweet the paid Tweets of others."

Next up, Micropayments!

Heard the one about the Twitter Business Plan?



Mitch Kapor’s Blog: "Meetingboarding: (n) the sensation of being unable to breathe arising from continuous immersion in meeting after meeting"


10 Downing Street Busts Out

10 Downing Street website: "10 Downing Street - the historic office and home of the British Prime Minister"

Busted out with accounts on Twitter Flickr and YouTube

Tried Out FriendFeed's Imaginary Friend, DowningSt

tribe.net falls in

Whoa, LJ may have some ownership issues, but, it looks like tribe lost all of their clues.

Deleting the Brainstorm tribe: "I have been pondering deleting the Brainstorm tribe over the past few weeks. I spend a lot more of my time on the Gold Star tribe, and they drive new development a lot better than this tribe."

Gold Star Club: Tribe for Premium Subscribers of tribe net. Questions pertaining to memberships can be posted

"Tribe was one of the early SNs to support and produce FOAF. The founders left. An aggregator appeared that read that data and republished it. Tribe members got upset about their data appearing elsewhere on the web. The Tribe developers decided to deal with the storm by simply removing the code."

Voidstar - Tribe.net Drop FOAF


Anti-emo pogroms rage throughout Mexico

Anti-emo pogroms rage throughout Mexico - Boing Boing: "the violence began March 7, when an estimated 800 young people poured into the Mexican city of Queretaro’s main plaza “hunting” for emo kids to pummel. Then the following weekend similar violence occurred in Mexico City at the Glorieta de Insurgents, a central gathering space for emos."

Huh, Punks vs. Skinheads lives again. Looks like a dash of organization via tech and/or social networking. "Putting the Mob back in FlashMob"


Facebook Now Recommends Friends

Facebook Now Recommends Friends: "Facebook has quietly rolled out a new feature that suggests “people you may know.”"

Ack! People People everywhere but not a friend in sight. Needs a 'Go away!' button ...


Color Wars

Color Wars 2008: "3 You must be in your team uniform (do your best)."

beerteam need to post images in team colors (holding a beer).

TeamRAWR just throw your sign up in front of your cat & snap the shot.

teamoctarine should wear a pointy hat.

rainbowteam is giving people titles like "Our Director of Chromatic Branding & Vertical Arc Integration Operations."

TeamRAWR: hey @nakedteam - happy BUNday!

plaidteam has an avatar maker

PussyPinkTeam has a group flickr account

A couple more teams:

Team Falk
team awesome

Fun icons and results at the Flickr colorwar tag

Love the cat on the meat team ... Meaty Samantha 3

Huh, guess Color War is a summer camp tradition.

Color Wars

Color Wars 2008

Buh? First war is RoShamBo via Flickr tags? Seems odd to have to go to another service. Although the Team Uniform bit is funny.

first colorwar game: rule #3: "You must be in your team uniform (do your best)." ... Easy for us!

Naked Team

Guess Meat Team could do the same ...

That child was so ugly, they had to put a pork chop around his neck to get the dog to play with him

Meat Ning

Dunno what Invisoteam is going to do ...

Khan Rocks

Mashable went green.

Evil Team
Losing Team
Team Doom
Beer Team

Where is Team Venture?



Color Wars!

A good way to follow the action is to watch one of the captains 'with friends'
Color Wars
Team Team

In All Teams has a great All Team background.

Black Watch Team
Bacon Team
Rainbow Team
Team Monochrome

Team Coffee dropped a page of backgrounds and icon boarders.

Chartreuse Team has a page linking to facebook and flickr groups.

The Black Team has a page linking to a cafepress store and a flickr group


Team Octarine

Twitter Teams

Twitter Teams | Jangro.com: "Out of the blue (no pun intended, you’ll see), Ze Frank declared that he was on the “Blue Team”. No explanation, he changed his picture to contain a blue team badge on the bottom, talked it up a bit, and that was it, @blueteam is born.

Now different colored teams have popped up."

@ZeFrank tweets the Blue Team. Blogs about color wars and cuts the domain Color War 2008.

Looks like there's a team controller ColorWars and a team member aggregator

Team Tartan has a blog.
Team Clear has a Wiki.
Plaid Team is using hashtags and has a Facebook Group.


The A Team


Team Booze
Team Coffee
Team Meat



FriendFeedFeed: "Aggregate all your social networking aggregator feeds into one aggregated feed of aggregator activity feeds!"


The PointCast Logo cracked me up!


'Major League Eating: The Game'

'Major League Eating: The Game' Coming Soon for the Nintendo Wii: "Soon you'll be able to channel your inner Joey Chestnut or Takeru Kobayashi by playing Major League Eating: The Game for the Nintendo Wii. Mastiff, the game's publisher, has announced that it will be released on the Wii on May 12 in North America as a downloadable WiiWare title, for one or two players, with the killer feature of online play and leaderboards.

The game will make 'extensive' use of the Wii Remote to 'simulate a variety of eating techniques including the cram, toss, and 'typewriter.' Burp-offs and Hot Potato challenges during the contests keep the competition intense and eaters on their toes.'"

Oh! Want.

Ah! The International Federation of Competitive Eating has a feed!