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Fun watching the feeds pop in as I read though. Reminds me of reading usenet with nn.

Poking at the Facebook/Google/Yahoo feeds in greader. Discover feeds made some excellent recommendations.


All We Are Saying - New York Times: "kinnear v.

To take a candid photograph surreptitiously, especially by holding the camera low and out of the line of sight. Coined in August by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee of the Yarn Harlot blog when she attempted to take a photograph during an encounter with the actor Greg Kinnear at an airport."

Funny, another named coinage.


All We Are Saying - New York Times: "FTW interj.

For The Win. A bragging exclamation of approval, as in “K-Fed got the kids FTW,” or “I was able to open the file with Photoshop. FTW!!!” Originally part of the patter of the game show “Hollywood Squares” and later found in online games like World of Warcraft. Now largely used ironically and sarcastically."

This one is still not natural. I started seeing it on twitter used unironically and had to look it up ...

10 Google Feeds You Should Subscribe To

10 Google Feeds You Should Subscribe To: "Stay up on all the official Google posts easily by getting the feed. Read posts to the All Official Google Blogs Feed here; get the actual feed here.

Nice! And here I've been trying to collect them all.


How to Lose Your Job on Your Own Time

How to Lose Your Job on Your Own Time: "Employment law in most states provides little protection to workers who are punished for their online postings, said George Lenard, an employment lawyer at Harris Dowell Fisher & Harris in St. Louis. The main exceptions are workers who are covered by collective bargaining agreements or by special protections for public-sector employees; members of these groups can be dismissed only “for cause.” The rest of us are “at will” employees, holding on to our jobs only at the whim of our employers, and thus vulnerable."

Oh! doocing all around?

Chapter 12: How to not get Dooced: "To avoid Jen’s or Simonetti’s blog-based mistakes, you need to know your corporate culture and what it is and isn’t willing to accept."


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9/807! Done.

And if it's 302/807 in the morning I'll scream. No, louder.

Sci Fi Blogger

Sci Fi Blogger: b5media is hiring a second writer for its recently launched blog on Science Fiction (SFUniverse.com). The blog will primarily cover SciFi television shows & movies (present and past), as well as other important news in SciFi.

Whoa, someone's stoked.

Happy birthday Perl!

Happy birthday Perl!: "Tue, 18 Dec 2007. In case you hadn't yet heard, today is the 20th anniversary of the first release of Perl."

Whoa. Perspective blown, wayback machine on weld.

Odd to note that I'm no longer on any perl lists where I would have seen this sooner.

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193/806. Must. Unsubscribe. Must. Throw. Feeds.

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223/802! Blury eyes, though ...

Yes, Virginia, it was a PR stunt

Yes, Virginia, it was a PR stunt: "Starbucks has been taking it on the chin lately in certain corners of the blogosphere in response to their “Cheer Chain” promotion. It seems that random acts of kindness began popping up in stores all over the country, in which a person in line quietly paid for the following customer."

Oh! Is that what those billboards were? Well, color me grinch, but, I had no idea what they were going on about.

And however could you pay for the horror that the gum-popping cellion behind you is going to gibber? Some "Extra-hot half-caf with-whip hint-of-mint mocha ... inna bucket".


Pentagon Pursues Mashups and Microformats for Battlefield Intel

Pentagon Pursues Mashups and Microformats for Battlefield Intel: "The Pentagon is meddling with both technologies to use microformats with mashups to help expose legacy information for broader reuse"

Words that I never though would be seen together ... pretty fun though!

Sir Arthur C Clarke: 90th Birthday Reflections

YouTube - Sir Arthur C Clarke: 90th Birthday Reflections

Oh! Not sure how I missed this. I need better Feeds!

He does certainly delight!


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227/804! Still beasty s* folders to read ...

Humm, may have to poke at Blogines beta again.


Lovest.at: "Lovest.at combines many of these media discovery sites - like del.icio.us and Last.fm - and turns their data into a people discovery service, for want of a better phrase."

Whoa, and leaves eddresses and birthdays up for the public to consume. It dumps whole linkfarms of public entries from other services. Wack.

Hundreds Line Up In Alameda For Ancient Liquor

Hundreds Line Up In Alameda For Ancient Liquoro: "On the first day that the legendary alcoholic drink absinthe went on sale in the United States legally in about a century, hundreds of people lined up outside an Alameda warehouse to get their hands on the stuff."

"Each bottle cost $75. Cases of four could be bought for $300, Gaughran reported."

Whoa, lining up all around the parking lot for $75 bottles of unknown quality? I think I even see some goths up before noon in those pix ...


Twitterrific: "is a fun application that lets you both read and publish posts or 'tweets' to the Twitter community website."

I was always surprised by how much I saw this client used for twitter. Guess they didn't like the popularity because they started charging $15 for an ad less version when there are a plenty of competitors.

I'm quite happy with some combination of web, sms,
Spaz, and Flock ...

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254/808! Counting down ...



Paperspine: "Our book rental model aims to give you the best of all worlds. We offer a huge selection of books - over 150,000 - to choose from, they get shipped conveniently right to your door, and you don’t accrue any late fees. Even better, when you’re done with the book just drop it in the mail using our pre-paid postage mailer. Not only will you be saving money, you’ll reduce BCS (Book Clutter Syndrome) around your house."

Hay! I like my Book Clutter!

Weird to see a retro-netflix business model.

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391/837 noisy night! Gotta get to those s* folders ...


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663/838. Guess I've got some cleaning up to do! Did sort a few feeds out of the add folder, anyways ...


Clipperz online password manager - Sharing

Clipperz online password manager - Sharing: "Clipperz can make sharing your secrets a secure and straightforward process."

"got PINs, CVVs, IDs, SSNs?" throw them to the wolves! Guess I shouldn't be surprised with everyone handing out their passwords: "oh, yes, please scrape my address book" "sure, log in as me an rummage though my account". Shesh, you'd think that they would have received the usual lecture from the local System Administrator.


Cisco's Social Networking Strategy

Cisco's Social Networking Strategy: "Infoworld reporting that Cisco will introduce its Entertainment Operating System (EOS) platform next year."

"EOS will help visitors find content through a recommendation and relevance engine that looks at a user's activity patterns and makes personalized suggestions, Scheinman said."

Ah, finally some glimmer of the tribe code. I was guessing a weird network appliance/media portal set-top, this sounds more hopeful.

Also, tribe goes pay-for-features. Tribe Gold Star Club, got stars on thars?


Dmitry Medvedev listens to Black Sabbath

Baby-faced Dmitry Medvedev keeps fish tank in his office and listens to Black Sabbath - Pravda.Ru: "Medvedev, dubbed by Western press as a baby-faced man, is a big fan of music. He prefers to listen to hard rock: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple are his favorite bands. Medvedev likes to play vinyl disks, not CDs."

Humm, I think that I like him more, but, trust him less. Funny That.


Facebook Unwalls Garden

PlatformArchitecture - Facebook Developers Wiki: "Facebook Platform unlocks significant value for both developers and users: it gives developers access to the core of Facebook’s value – the social graph – and gives users a better social experience on all Facebook applications, whether they’re inside or outside the Facebook website. A primary goal of Facebook has always been to make it easy for users to share information, and Facebook Platform opened up that information to benefit users and developers everywhere."

Drat, I guess that it's too late for "tear down that wall" speeches. Facebook is waay out ahead. Heck, there are even VCs devoted to Facebook Apps.

And Bebo throws a gantlet as well ...

Bebo Launching Platform: "The Bebo Platform is nearly 100% compatible with the Facebook Platform: the APIs, markup language, and query language are all the same."

So started the Social Graph Platform Wars!


Second Life Residents To Get Calls From The Real World

Second Life Residents To Get Calls From The Real World: "In the first quarter of 2008, users in Second Life will be able to get real-world phone numbers assigned to their avatars, and receive calls from real-world phones"

Ack! I don't want salesbots breaking into my flights of fantasy.

Sheesh, bad enough that Reuters has reporters and a Auditorium


absinthe legit

absinthe legit: "Earlier this year, a lone Washington, D.C., lawyer took on the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in an attempt to lift the ban. After some legal wrangling, the agency agreed - with some limits.

Last week, St. George Spirits of Alameda received the news that, after seven applications, the federal agency had approved its label, the final obstacle before going to market. On Monday, the small artisan distillery sold its token first bottle, becoming the only American company since 1912 to sell absinthe in the United States. Then the staff took a moment to celebrate."

Oh, now that's Repeal Day in style!


the making of minglenow: "Thank you in helping making MingleNow the leading nightlife community website over the last year. But even good things come to an end, and due to many factors we have decided to close MingleNow.com."

TechCrunch saith: "We assume that Yahoo simply isn’t interested in maintaining another social network, especially since its purchase of BlueLithium was for its ad network"

Funny, I was going to swap my reg to a more active eddress and put it in the cycle. There certainly are a glut of event sites ...

See Also:


Tribe Premium

Tribe Premium: "The overwhelming consensus is that our users love tribe.net so much that they are willing to pay for a premium subscription for all the functions that we now give to you. We’re excited (happy? grateful? nervous?) to say that we’re going to launch the premium subscription service next week. Between November 30th and December 15th we’re going to offer premium subscriptions at five bucks for thirty days. "

And here I thought that Tribe was in the ZombiePool. Paid features has certainly worked for LiveJournal, dunno what sort of add-ons tribe can come up with.


GeekList: Gaming in the Nine Circles of Hell...

GeekList: Gaming in the Nine Circles of Hell...: "'Gluttony,' Virgil explained. 'Those gamers who always want more and more can never be fulfilled by what they have. They repeat this same horrible fate for all eternity--that which they desire most is useless.'"

Humm, maybe it's time to add to my wishlist ...

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