Street fairs

"Some residents want to see the street fairs scaled back to something more like a block party, either by banning alcohol sales, curtailing the hours or limiting the number of street closures. Others want fairs moved off city streets and into Golden Gate Park, Crissy Field or even Candlestick Park."


"We'll have to cancel this year's festival," Robbie Kowal, who runs the North Beach Jazz Festival, said of the possibility of not getting his alcohol permit. "Seventy-five percent of our funding comes from the sale of alcohol."

San Francisco Bay Guardian

"At this point one wants to shriek, "Move back to Mountain View, spoilsports!" And that's exactly the message of the San Francisco Party Party, the latest grassroots effort to combat what Party Party leader Ted Strawser calls "the rampant suburbanization of the most gloriously hedonistic city on earth.""
San Francisco Bay Guardian

"On Thursday, Mayor Gavin Newsom said he was undecided, but leaning in favor of ending the event."

San Francisco Party Party


Rojo Gets Faster

RojoBlog: New! Rojo Gets Faster - and a Whole New Look: "Faster Performance And finally, we’ve now made feed reading much snappier. Now you can read your favorite blogs and news sources faster than ever."

Ugg. Still snot slow and tab unfriendly. I use it for feeds to lump and gloss.