Facebook to Scoble: all your data belong to us

Facebook to Scoble: all your data belong to us: "intentionally or unintentionally, celebrity blogger Robert Scoble has put himself right at the center of the data portability issue, and at the same time is helping to expose the fascicle nature of Facebook’s claims of openness."

Great title! The blogging anthill was certainly overturned. For a while there you couldn't get a meme in slantwards. Turns out that Plaxo was scraping Facebook. Sheesh, it wasn't so long ago that Plaxo was spewing bacn. I'd certainly never trust them with any credentials. Seems overdue for a LOLSocial ... Plaxo, Fail!

Ah, luckily captured on this video of 50 hours of Techmeme in 50 seconds.

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