Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee opens in Mint Plaza!

Professionals have long been willing to pay prices in the five figures for the perfect espresso machine, but the siphon bar does not make espresso. It makes brewed coffee, as does another high-end coffee maker, the $11,000 Clover, which makes one cup at a time. Together, they signal the resurgence of brewing among the most obsessive coffee enthusiasts.

New York Times

Wasn't much local coverage, which let me to TheShot. New Feed!

"“Blue Bottle was way cooler when you could drink espresso shots made by a tattooed slacker over a sewer cover in a back alley,”"

Trip Report: Blue Bottle Cafe @ Mint Plaza � Espresso News and Reviews - TheShot.coffeeratings.com

Also: Flickr: Photos from bluebottlemintplaza

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