Lovest.at: "Lovest.at combines many of these media discovery sites - like del.icio.us and Last.fm - and turns their data into a people discovery service, for want of a better phrase."

Whoa, and leaves eddresses and birthdays up for the public to consume. It dumps whole linkfarms of public entries from other services. Wack.

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Jack said...

Thanks for the Lovest.at mention. Just thought that I should point out that it is entirely up to Lovest.at users how much information they display about themselves.

By default email address and second name (surname) are kept hidden - if the user wants to make this information public (we don't recommend it) they can. Equally, if they want to keep other information about themselves private, they can just tick a check box.

Lovest.at relies upon information on third party websites that users have already chosen to make public.

Hope this allays the concerns that you highlighted.