Facebook Unwalls Garden

PlatformArchitecture - Facebook Developers Wiki: "Facebook Platform unlocks significant value for both developers and users: it gives developers access to the core of Facebook’s value – the social graph – and gives users a better social experience on all Facebook applications, whether they’re inside or outside the Facebook website. A primary goal of Facebook has always been to make it easy for users to share information, and Facebook Platform opened up that information to benefit users and developers everywhere."

Drat, I guess that it's too late for "tear down that wall" speeches. Facebook is waay out ahead. Heck, there are even VCs devoted to Facebook Apps.

And Bebo throws a gantlet as well ...

Bebo Launching Platform: "The Bebo Platform is nearly 100% compatible with the Facebook Platform: the APIs, markup language, and query language are all the same."

So started the Social Graph Platform Wars!

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