Paying For a Muni Ride

SFist: "The best part of The Examiner's article is a quote by Muni's official apologist Maggie Lynch: “People think paying their $1 doesn’t matter, but it does.' That's nice. Does paying the additional 50 cents matter, too, or is that optional? Because the fare hasn't been $1 for a long time, you know, Maggie. Sigh. We can't help but wonder how Muni might improve if the people in charge of it actually rode it every once in a while."

"Hey, take one guess: what's the worst place on the web for finding up-to-date news about Muni? That would be Muni's very own website, of course, which despite having a section for "new links" bears abosolutely no mention of its new study showing that fifty percent of riders don't pay."

Hrump, looks like they forgot they used to have rss feeds. Bart has one, but, they don't bother to feed us anything but marketing.

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