Controlling RSS Overload

Controlling RSS Overload: "I've found a solution Dean Wormer would be proud of. Probation, double secret probation.

Most aggregators allow you to create 'groups' for your blogs. Into the Probation group goes every new blog I add to my aggregator. EVERY one. Consider it a quarantine tank for your RSS aquarium. Once a month, go through your Probation group and cull the herd, promoting some to the big leagues, while giving others the boot."

That's just what I do. Everything ends up in a Bloglines folder called 'Add'. Sometimes they get moved to a high value folder on Bloglines, sometimes they get moved to a low value 'river' on Rojo, and sometimes they malinger until cleanup. I also move (or retag) feeds to 'Kill' to take a second look at them on the way out ...

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