Nearest Neighbor News Network

Nearest Neighbor News Network: "was a student project, created by Jacob Lee and Ben Hodes at UIUC, that operated from around January 2005 until October 2005. It combined an RSS news aggregator with a collaborative filtering system for article recommendation."

Whaa! I still miss it (and the feeds that it took with it). I shuffled an old ompl export from it (along with a few from bloglines) to another 'river of news' feed aggregator, rojo. Mostly 'low value' and 'high noise' feeds like news and web2.0 feeding frenzy. The view is simple and clean and having multiple tags (as folders) per feed is nice. 'Shared Mojo' on stories is more useful if you don't read everything all the time, as I do. The today view certainly helps, even if I do tend to see stories multiple times.

I still 'triage' feeds into bloglines, much because of the brilliant firefox extension LiveLines, and frankly the subscribe dialog in rojo is poor, and it's a huge pain to get to a feed homepage.

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