What was that Dr. Seuss/Harrison Ford/NFL thing? That was just wrong.

Full Throttle (an new energy drink from Coca-Cola) showed male clichés chasing after a advertising can. The tagline is "Let Your Man Out." As SFist sez: "because Full Throttle is for men. Men who like the taste of ass"

The Seahawks ran out to "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve and I said "What the hell? What kind of theme song is that?" Then the Steelers had with "Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim. They win. Game over. Sheesh, you'd think that they could have found something that rocked in the last 5 years.

Burger King puts on a Busby Berkeley musical number. All Singing, All Dancing! Whopperettes had funny burger bit costumes (loved the Onion). Each bit flopped down to make the hambuger, making a grunting noise. They even said 'Freaky King'.

Jennifer Loves the Robot a site created by the Monster to commemorate their love. Funny. The monsters were done by Stan Winston! The monster mix mp3s were fun, too. I've seen it before, and still Hummer wins!

Go Daddy couldn't get the right tone to get a decent commercial on the air. You can see the duds at ifilm.

The Leonard Nimoy/Aleve bit worked. He "couldn't do it", took Aleve, and was able to give the Vulcan salute to an audience of Trekkies.

The Beer Institute's Superbowl ad 'Here's To Beer' had people from all over saying "cheers". I thought that it was Yet Another Bud Ad until near the end. A really nice ad on any other day.

"According to a National Retail Federation poll, this year 15.3 percent of respondents said the ads were the chief reason they tuned into the game, as opposed to some 33 percent who said the game itself was the main draw." - Daily News


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