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OPML Support Is Here! - Shyftr Blog: "You can now import an OPML file or export your Shyftr feed list as an OPML file."

Whoa, you can go from a person's profile to their feeds, to reading their feeds in the usual interface and really easily subscribing (you have to backtrack to sort them, though). You have to enter feed edit mode to sort into folders, but, you can then edit feed title, description, and add multiple tags all of which show nicely on the reading header. View tagged feeds shows a tag cloud, clicking a tag shows matching feeds which can be clicked on to read. An implementation much stronger than folders.

Oh, and yet another bookmarklet which seems quite good at subscribing to yet another feed.

The ui is growing on me.

ashton @ shyftr and a pocket blog

via RSS feed of a Twitter follow of the TechMeme Firehose to Louis Gray: Shyftr Adds OPML Support

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