Facebook Smackdown

Facebook Developers | Facebook Developers News: "Now that Google has launched Friend Connect, we’ve had a chance to evaluate the technology. We’ve found that it redistributes user information from Facebook to other developers without users’ knowledge, which doesn’t respect the privacy standards our users have come to expect and is a violation of our Terms of Service."

Whoa, Godzilla noises all around. Set Techmeme on stun.

The Social Platform PR Wars Continue: Facebook Bans Google Friend Connect

* Thur May 8: MySpace announces its “Data Availability” initiative, whereby it will share public user profile data with partner sites like Yahoo, eBay, and Twitter.
* Fri May 9: Facebook announces its “Facebook Connect” initiative, which will let third party developers access Facebook user profile and friend data.
* Mon May 12: Google announces its “Friend Connect” initiative, which will let users do much of the same thing through an OAuth/OpenID/OpenSocial system administered by Google.

via Facebook Developers News. Seems like the first time that I've gotten news from the primary source in months.

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