DataPortability - MySpace officially joins the DataPortability Project

DataPortability - MySpace officially joins the DataPortability Project: "We are excited that MySpace will join the rest of the community to continue the design, documentation and implementation of a set of best practices for inter-operable Data Portability between trusted applications and vendors."

MySpace joins DataPortability,: "Whilst a number of high-profile launch partners have been announced (Yahoo!, eBay and Twitter), it’s worth point out that access to this project will be available to everyone who agrees to the T’s & C’s."

MySpace's Data Availability is not Data Portability: “After this announcement I had the pleasure of speaking with a reporter who was on the briefing call. He explained that MySpace said that due to their terms of service the participating sites (e.g. Twitter) would not be allowed to cache or store any of the profile information."

Weird. At least MySpace has lots of good data to throw around. Heck, I'd be happy with just basic profile data onto a handful of sites.

Funny that DataPortability uses Tumblr for a blog, but, a nice way to round up the coverage.

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