Bringing Blogging To Your Social Networks

Six Apart - News and Events: Bringing Blogging To Your Social Networks

We are excited to launch the first cross-platform blogging application for Facebook -- Blog It Powered by TypePad. We support bloggers on Blogger, LiveJournal, Movable Type, Pownce, Tumblr, TypePad, Twitter, Vox, WordPress.com and WordPress.org!

Plus, after you've posted using Blog It, you can choose to automatically share your post via Twitter and Pownce, in addition to the Facebook Newsfeed.

Arrrg! An auto-twat. Trickle down Friendzy is not my friend.

BlogIt, now with AutoTwat! Ask me how!

ReadWriteWeb hopes that it will tear down that wall ... "BlogIt may be just a beachhead landed in the hostile territory not of Facebook, but of online identity chaos in general."

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