FriendFeed - Air

A much desired Air app was written for FriendFeed ... Alert Thingy! Unfortunately on Windoz it alerts into the menu bar, making it alerting as well as demanding. Back into the bit bucket with it!

Oddly enough there is no way to give them feedback. No blog, email, contact form, google group, friendfeed account, ... nothin'. Hardly friendly!

Feedalizr to the rescue! A much better thingy. With the blog, contact form, and twitter account. Still really odd to not have a friendfeed account.

[FRIENDFEED] Put Alert Thingy to Bed

A few of us were joking about the 'via Alert Thingy' spam and saying it would be funnier if it said 'in bed'.

With this Greasemonkey script it will :)

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