'Major League Eating: The Game'

'Major League Eating: The Game' Coming Soon for the Nintendo Wii: "Soon you'll be able to channel your inner Joey Chestnut or Takeru Kobayashi by playing Major League Eating: The Game for the Nintendo Wii. Mastiff, the game's publisher, has announced that it will be released on the Wii on May 12 in North America as a downloadable WiiWare title, for one or two players, with the killer feature of online play and leaderboards.

The game will make 'extensive' use of the Wii Remote to 'simulate a variety of eating techniques including the cram, toss, and 'typewriter.' Burp-offs and Hot Potato challenges during the contests keep the competition intense and eaters on their toes.'"

Oh! Want.

Ah! The International Federation of Competitive Eating has a feed!


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