Color Wars

Color Wars 2008: "3 You must be in your team uniform (do your best)."

beerteam need to post images in team colors (holding a beer).

TeamRAWR just throw your sign up in front of your cat & snap the shot.

teamoctarine should wear a pointy hat.

rainbowteam is giving people titles like "Our Director of Chromatic Branding & Vertical Arc Integration Operations."

TeamRAWR: hey @nakedteam - happy BUNday!

plaidteam has an avatar maker

PussyPinkTeam has a group flickr account

A couple more teams:

Team Falk
team awesome

Fun icons and results at the Flickr colorwar tag

Love the cat on the meat team ... Meaty Samantha 3

Huh, guess Color War is a summer camp tradition.

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