Living Card Games

Fantasy Flight launches “Living Card Games”: "a new sales model for A Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu collectible card games. Both games will fall under the new banner of the “Living Card Game,” or LCG. The LCG format will feature starter boxes with a large assortment of cards. Rather than traditional random blind booster pack releases three or four times per year, an LCG will have monthly releases all year round. Every month, FFG will produce a new pack containing 40 fixed cards for $9.95 – one each of

10 cards, and three each of another 10 – allowing the game to grow and evolve, yet letting new players easily join in down the line."

Odd format, but certainly better than Tragic: the Addiction's brain dumps of 250+ cards, some of which were obviously broken (Umezawa’s Jitte, Fact or Fiction, Gifts Ungiven). I'm certainly in for a couple of cycles ...

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