WineLog.net: "One of the best features of WineLog is that you can track the drinking habits of your friends."

Heh. There's a funny upsell for an online social service. That sounds like 'what you did last night' pictures.

"A new feature is the ability for other users to comment on your Wine Log.Connect with other WineLog users and keep track of what they are logging with our new friends feature. Our recommendation system is constantly working to find others users with similar tastes to you, and now you can easily add these users to your friends list and see what they have tasted and how they have rated new wines."

They just seem to have blogs and wines, but, no profile info and no rss feeds per user.

Coastr is all about the beer and is still quite simple (it's got rss feeds, though!). Not sure what MingleNow's going to be when it grows up.

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Jason Coleman said...


I'm sorry that you're having problems finding things on the site.

Users do have their own profile pages. Here is mine:


Click on the orange RSS chicklet to get a feed of the wines I'm drinking. If you add me as a friend, you'll see my wines show up on your friends tab.

If you truly are interested in tracking the wines that you drink, I hope you give WineLog another shot.

Coastr.com is a cool application. I don't drink beer, so I haven't used it. But I did check it out early on and it at least looks tight.

MingleNow and other social network sites are probably a better way to see pictures of your friends drinking and having fun. At the time, WineLog is only tracking the wines that people logged ;)

Thanks for the post.