Inside MySpace.com: The Journey Begins

Inside MySpace.com: The Journey Begins: "At each milestone, the Web site would exceed the maximum capacity of some component of the underlying system, often at the database or storage level. Then, features would break, and users would scream. Each time, the technology team would have to revise its strategy for supporting the Web site's workload."

"The Web site architecture went through five major revisions—each coming after MySpace had reached certain user account milestones—and dozens of smaller tweaks."

"And although the systems architecture has been relatively stable since the Web site crossed the 7 million account mark in early 2005, MySpace continues to knock up against limits such as the number of simultaneous connections supported by SQL Server, Benedetto says: 'We've maxed out pretty much everything.'"

Well worth the read for what might be the next pain point in your friendly neighborhood YASN.

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