Following along with the MyBlogLog feeding frenzy ... espcially since Yahoo Acquired them. I cut an account, ashub @ MyBlogLog, joined a few blogs, friended a few people. It's fun poking around, New Neighbors from My Communities is espcially cool. I note that the profile as a really limited set of service (YASN and IM) fields. Ah, well, guess there are already enough profile aggregators to go around ...

Today I found the widget in the wild! On Susan Mernit's Blog and followed it along to Susan Mernit's Blog - MyBlogLog

Some other feedback:

The breakthrough that is MyBlogLog:"MyBlogLog makes the Internet feel like a huge party where you bump into random people that might be interesting and see friends that you didn’t know were in the same place as you. It’s weird. It’s awkward. It’s fantastic."

Adding Community To The Comments: "if you think someone has written a particularly interesting comment (or a particularly annoying one), you can click on their icon and be taken to their MyBlogLog profile. You can see where they blog, what other MyBlogLog communities they belong to, etc."

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