New lingo sweeping London

Aljazeera.Net: London's cockney rhyming phrases have been taken over by a new type of multicultural-influenced speech, dubbed Jafaican and Tikkiny.

Researchers found that a new type of speech, influenced by a dizzying number of foreign languages and pronunciations, rap music and popular TV programmes, have altered traditional cockney."

the Daily Mail: "What has emerged is a distinctive inner-London patois which borrows heavily from Jamaican creole, lifting some words unchanged.

But it has been influenced by other speech patterns, mainly Bangladeshi and West African, with a little South American and Arab thrown in.

An analysis of vowel sounds has shown the traditional long Cockney vowels are becoming shorter. The word 'face' sounds like 'fice' in cockney but more like 'fehs' in Jafaican."

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