head-banging bookworms

Heavy metal's unalloyed love for the literary: "So what's with all the head-banging bookworms?

The Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura latest release is 'Dante XXI,' an album based on the Italian poet's 'Divine Comedy.' And Mastodon recently became metal's newest stars with 'Leviathan,' a 'Moby Dick'- inspired album with songs like 'I Am Ahab' and 'Seabeast.'

Sepultura and Mastodon are only the latest metal bands to raid their Norton Anthologies for inspiration. Perhaps more than any other genre, heavy metal and the classics are joined at the hip.

With his clumsy prose and often meandering plots, H.P. Lovecraft still struggles decades after his death for respect in the literary world. But in the metal world, his weird tales blare from Marshall amps the world over."

Clawing to the top of the Lit-Core stacks, would be Bloodhag who even name songs after authors. "Our mission is to spread the gospel of Edu-Core. Bang The Head That Does Not Read. Everyone Smarter Than Everyone Else. Use Heavy Metal music to promote literacy and vice versa."


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