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ProfileLinker Takes Meebo Approach to Social Networking: "You tell ProfileLinker your site credentials and it pulls your bio, friends and other information from those sites and centralizes it. You then use ProfileLinker to manage your activity on those networks: aggregate and manage multiple social profiles; discover new social networks and communities of interest within social networks; and receive notification of messages and friend requests from multiple networks."

Really busy website with way too many blinky things going on. A few browser crashes, even. Looks like it's trying to do central profile, though.

Guess to make it really useful you have to cough up passwords for the other sites. I'll have to create some shortdurperselves to try it out ...

ashton @ ProfileLinker

Now, Ziki on the other hand looks more like a feed aggregator with some profile links. Nice tagging and 'find similar', though. A limited set of social networks to choose from, which is odd since they don't seem to pull anything from them, but, you can still slurp feeds from whereever.

ashton @ Ziki

Gimmie a plain ole rss feed slurper and link farm anyday. Oh! And tribe finally make rss feeds for their blogs.

ashton @ Tribe

Guess I've got switch to the new version of blogger (gooblo?) and mess with the sidebar now ...

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