Information Overload, RSS & Feed Envy

Library Stuff: "Yesterday, the audience gasped when I mentioned that I subscribe to 400 feeds. It's really not that much, considering that I don't read every single thing that comes into my aggregator. But, as I mentioned, the probability of my seeing something worthwhile increases if I subscribe to the feed. If I don't subscribe to it, then the chances of seeing the content is 0%. If I do, then at least it has fighting chance to grab my eyeballs."

Information Overload, RSS & Feed Envy: "Over cocktails last night with Jenny and Steve and lots of other bloggers, it became apparent that the new challenge is how many feeds you can subscribe to in order to keep up with the changing material on the Web"

I've been on a tear seeking good data sources and am peaking at 444 feeds. And still, there is envy, I might miss something!

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