Blocking RSS advertising

Blocking RSS advertising: "Given that people who use newsreaders are still of the early adopter sort who are used to blocking ads with Firefox or fast-forwarding through commercials with their TiVos, it seems likely that blocking advertising in RSS/Atom files might soon become an issue."

Comments from developers from NetNewsWire, FeedDemon, and, later, Mark Fletcher of Bloglines.

Personally, I can read over some text ads. For example the Obituary feed from Moreover contains untargeted 'ADV:" style ads from Kanoodle that are only minorly obnoxious. Some magazine (I don't recall which anymore) was putting large graphic ads on the right and I unsubed on sight. I agree with one of the comments to Kottke that the feed should be summaries that pull you to the site where targeted advertising might lie.

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