Riding Muni’s 14 Mission — For 24 Hours

Riding Muni’s 14 Mission — For 24 Hours | Mission Loc@l: "It’s possible riders are accustomed to fare increases. They’ve had three in the last six years, doubling the fare from $1 in 2003. The first went to $1.25, then to $1.50 in September 2005, and today we hit the $2 mark."

"The 14’s route passes through San Francisco’s largest enclaves of Filipinos and Latinos and businesses, picking up more than 36,000 passengers a day."

Hard to believe that they increased the Muni fare instead of the hours of parking meter operation. Next year the Fast Pass will go up to $60 plus $10 if you want Bart in the city. I bet that will mean more cash fares, slower boarding, and even worse on-time performance. Sheesh.

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