Change has come to America | Change.gov

Change has come to America | Change.gov: "Change.gov provides resources to better understand the transition process and the decisions being made as part of it."

The YouTube Presidency: "Today, President-elect Obama will record the weekly Democratic address not just on radio but also on video -- a first. The address, typically four minutes long, will be turned into a YouTube video and posted on Obama's transition site, Change.gov, once the radio address is made public on Saturday morning."

"Added Ellen Miller of the Sunlight Foundation, a D.C.-based nonprofit that advocates for government transparency: "We're living, after all, in the Internet era. This is an individualized version of the 'fireside chats.' It's not delivered between 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. but whenever anyone wants to see it. I don't know if it necessarily creates transparency -- it's still a controlled, one-way message. But it creates the aura of a much more accessible presidency."

It's been fun to watch YouTube videos on network news. Broadcast media is starting to look as dated as newspapers.

Still no news on the appointment of the 12 disciples, though ...

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