How to Ride MUNI and BART

How to Ride MUNI and BART - Instructables - The World's Biggest Show & Tell - art, craft, diy, food, games, home, life, offbeat, ride, tech [category: life]: "Please please please let people off the train before you get on. "

"If you're sitting, put your bag on your lap or between your feet. If you're standing, put your bag between your feet on the floor or hug it to the front of your body. If it's at all crowded, do not wear your bag so that it protrudes from your side or back. You will end up wacking people and make it harder for people to get on and off if it's at all crowded."

Hear! Hear! Clear the door, make room for people to move. Seems like common sense, but, noooo!

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