Spokeo - Trillian for Your Social Networks

Spokeo - Trillian: "currently supports social networks Bebo, Facebox, Friendster, MySpace, Wretch, Xanga; blog, photo, and miscellaneous sites Blogger, DeviantArt, Digg, Flickr, Fotolog, ImageStation, LiveJournal, PhotoBucket, PictureTrail, Piczo, WebShots, Windows Live Spaces, Yahoo Video, YouTube."

Spokeo's a nice interface to other interfaces. It doesn't get to Myspace bulletins or show schedules were I find the value in that system. Haven't pointed it at many other YASNs yet. Looks like it's centered on a user logged into Spokeo and poking at other networks. No way to link other people's accounts together, or notes, or tags. Doesn't look like they'll make it into an identity aggregator or even a landing page. Oh well, wait and see.

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