Rick Astley to Perform at EMAs

Rick Astley to Perform at EMAs: "The Internet voters have spoken, and (surprise, surprise), it looks like Rick Astley is ahead in the polls for MTV Europe’s “Best Act Ever” award."

Buh? That's just not right ...


FriendFeed Blog: View your FriendFeed in real-time

FriendFeed Blog: View your FriendFeed in real-time: "In our new, experimental real-time view, comments and posts will appear at the top of your feed as quickly as they arrive. This is accomplished by a technique called long polling, where our server doesn't respond to your browser's request until there's something it wants to send."

Smooth scrolling updates and pop-out windows! Nice. More SortDurAttentionSuck.


Mother's Cookies abruptly shut down

Mother's Cookies abruptly shut down: "Mother's Cookies, an Oakland institution for 92 years, has been shuttered, its owner seeking bankruptcy protection for the company."

"Mother's later had a series of corporate owners: a Belgian company, Artal B.V., bought it in 1991; it was owned by Specialty Foods Corp. of Illinois in the late 1990s; in 2000, Specialty sold Mother's and Archway Cookies to Parmalat, which in turn sold the combined business to Catterton for an undisclosed sum."

Ohhh. No more waxen animal crackers with BBs on them? Shame about the Archway soft cookies with jam filling, though ...

Update: "Kellogg's announced it would acquire trademarks and recipes to the famous Circus Animal cookies, as well as the sandwich cookies and wire-cut cookies."

The beloved pink and white Circus Animal cookies are saved!