Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf: "To celebrate the 21st birthday of Red Dwarf, we're bringing back the original cast for four brand new specials later in April."

Yay! I'm sure that there's a few episodes that I've missed, as well ...

Muzak runs out

Bloomberg.com: Worldwide: "Muzak Holdings LLC, the company that made “elevator music” famous, sought bankruptcy protection from creditors as its debt matured and restructuring alternatives fell through due to the economic crisis."

Whoa, Surreal. Now who do you buy your hold music from?


Live Nation, Ticketmaster Reach $2.5 Billion Deal

Live Nation, Ticketmaster Reach $2.5 Billion Deal: "This merger would give a giant, new entity unrivaled power over concertgoers and the prices they pay to see their favorite artists and bands"

Ugg, and that if you can even find a place to get physical tickets.